Day 8

I tend to paint traditionally most of the time. This time I get to try on the colour filling technique.

Digital art

3 Panel artwork. Panel 1 shows an Ink drawing of a hand holding a jar of pasta. Panel 2 shows the writing MAN SHALL NOT LIVE ON PASTA SHELLS ALONE in Ink. Panel 3 shows the photograph that Panel 1 is drawn from, namely a hand holding a jar of pasta.


Graveyard Strut

Collage. Chalk, charcoal, tissue paper and fabric, Cherry blossom twig on card.

I want to see texture.

Abstract Album Art

cheer up buttercup

An unrushed circle


‘Florida is wet

But it will keep on getting wetter’

Three images. First is the yellow shape of Florida. The second is a warped, slightly pinker map of Florida. The last is a completely warped and glitched map of Florida.

Informational poster from last night’s dream

commentaires de Daniel

Photo of small objects and vases of tulips and daffodils gathered round a framed photo of a smiling woman. There is a small buddha, a tortoise, a jade carving of a seal, a tiny pineapple and a shell with a small gold wrapped chocolate egg.

Marking the day

Selfie in bathroom mirror. Phone and selfie taker are visible. Water droplet on mirror looks like tear from eye of the selfie taker but is obviously water

(revisiting old ideas)

Image shows completed sculpture, Rioter (LB's Insomnia) which can be described as a flat sculpture that leans against the wall. The object is a silhouette of a head that has been covered. A wooden armature has been stretched with canvas which has then been painted pink and covered with a red line drawing that references a recurring pattern that appears in Louise Bourgeois's Insomnia Drawings. Alluding to a masked figure, eye holes have been cut out making the object read figuratively.

Rioter (LB's Insomnia) - repositioning eye holes

a square printer-grainy close up of a passport photo, showing nose and right eye. on top is the text '(I have included Mr to confirm your gender)' in white monospace with blue and yellow gradient shadow.

i sent you a low quality pic of my passport pls respond

Line drawing of a ram overlapping on its hind legs, overlapping with a line drawing of a woman on her knees.

False Form

Digital image inspired by grandma

Advice from grandma