Day 7

a double-page spread of a notebook, on which pastel red blue and grey lines show a river going diagonally across the page. the words "my veins are currents / my blood runs" in red pastel.

my veins are currents

Photo of a dramatic landscape view. In the middle of a slate quarry, steps carved into the wall of otherwise sheer slate jagged cliffside.

Working in North Wales

View from window in pencil showing side of brick house and a finch.


A yellow cropping tool revealing a found moon photograph in the negative space

Moon spotting tool

Window Cheese

a 15cm-ish wire window frame (square with cross inside) tied together with sparkly lilac wool. inside it are paper outlined clouds and a sun in the corner. they are drawn in crayon on squared paper. it is not structurally sound lol.

view finder

Woman taking photo of old yellow beetle

I miss my old view of Lil yella

Geometric patchwork made of translucent ripstop fabric in white, yellow and orange on a lightbox with a hand silhouetted in the lower part of the frame.

window dressing in progress

A yellow line drawing on blue background of a person laying down on a bench with their legs spread


[ID: Illustration is of a dotted line style bat, surrounded by the suggestion of a night sky with stars. A border surrounds the illustration, inside the border are hotrod style flames, stalactites and stalagmites, and winged figures.]


This is a detail of a bigger painting which is in progress. 
On the center you can see a hand (of a priest) pointing towards the sky with a can of beer (as if it was a cross).
On the top and the bottom of the drink you can read "beer" with black background yellow letters.
The hand is blue but there are many other colors on the top. On the center of each finger there´s a triangle and there are white spirals on the nails. 
On the sides you can slightly see a drop and two clitoris, also you can tell the painting is not finished as the backgrounds are detailless.

When you are scared of humans, it's difficult to deal with them without being drunk. (WIP detail)

Felt tip and fine liner on paper of a drinking glass.