Day 6

A photograph of a fabric square scarf on a grey background. The scarf features a red and yellow border, with a circular design in the middle made up of a logo, text that says "For the protection of the workers and farmers" and illustrations of multiple pictures of depict soldiers on various duty, divided by bands of yellow like a drawing of a sun.

East Germany GDR Military Scarf, Berlin Wall times.

painting purple pink and red background with a trangle face on the righr hand side


ne pas jeter dans la nature from french it means  do not throw away  i always feel a bit sorry for throwing things away even if it's just a plastic bag or an old used leaky sock walking on the street i pay a lot of attention on all types of trash whether it's used subway tickets or candy wrappers  collecting trash is my real guilty pleasure xx

ne pas jeter dans la nature

Sorry this is an incredibly late last minute upload of a tarot reading I got earlier today.

jxjsjandjicva ef

A large green canvas with an ink drawing of Timothy Olyphant as Hitman and the word HITMAN written above him. Next to him, to the right of the canvas, are the words PLAYED BY TIMOTHY OLYPHANT in staggered ink text.

My Guilty Pleasure

A grey background with an arrangement of red, green, orange, white, and black stickers. The stickers circular and rectangular and are arranged in a blocky sort of landscape, overlapping and creating grids.

They’re everywhere now

My Guilty Pleasure is Chiptune

Think I listen to way too many pop songs👀

Guilty pleasure *

Oil pastel and chalk on paper.

Royal Gala

A background of dark black, shot with sparkles, is interrupted by a black and white photograph of people running on the roof of a building in New York, high above the city. That itself is interrupted by a square of yellow, which repeats above a cresting wave tucked behind the first photograph, blending into darkness.


Photograph of the top of a spoon dipped in coffee

Spoon dipped in coffee