Day 5

paiting of blue and purples on grey background, abstract shapes, with white circles and  two objects that are purple and look like shrimps


Black text on a white background which in capitol letters reads 'rat king'.


Parrot in a tree


Something I’ve been trying to work on for ages now but can never seem to get to


High contrast photograph of sun setting behind clouds, with big rays spilling out over a silhouetted landscape of open countryside and hills.

Working in North Wales

2 Panel Art work. Reading from left to right - the first panel is yellow with an oil painting of a face (minus every feature below the nose) staring at the viewer. The second panel is pink with the words WITHERING HIGHS painted in scruffy oil paint inscribed in different colours. The word WITHER is painted in Red, ING is in Olive Green and HIGHS is in brilliant green.


A Colour image of an uneven and pitted surface, on the left hand side of the image a red and blue light illuminates the textured and uneven surface. The shadow of wires and a square are visible in the bottom left hand corner. On the right side of the image corrugated tube or cable run from the top to the bottom of the image. The light illuminating the right hand side of the image is a purple hue. In the center of the image where both these light sources meet they fall into darkness.

The moon under the kitchen sink

Bandit Problem

A line drawing of two women sitting on a mat, the first figure is reaching over the shoulder of the second figure to make an eye shape with her hand over their face.

Phorcys Daughters

Video of a drive for 9 minutes

9 minutes South

Hordron 7 Stone Circle

Hordron 7