Day 4

blue purple and black paint brush strokes on grey background depicted a bird in a circle


Black text on a white background which in capitol letters reads 'skin tag'.


3 Panels, black and white, all hand drawn in ink. 

On the left, the triptych starts with hand drawn writing stating "Today I Researched The Police." The next two panels are scrawled drawings of the cast of Line of Duty (BBC) Tv Show. The words LINE OF DUTY and BBC are drawn on the middle panel.

Today I Researched The Police

In a Rush

Crumpled paper on page of graph paper with circular drawing



[ID: An illustration of a large scale pile of rubble, the remains of multiple flats behind metal barriers. The pile resembles a hellmouth, the entrance to hell, having multiple peaks it looks like jagged teeth of some great and horrible creature.]

“Modern Hellmouth”

ticket 4 the present 
memory researcher

ephemeral research

A tall thin standing lamp is dressed in a long sleeved, white t-shirt with a short sleeved, white, button down shirt on top. The arms of the t-shirt/s are being propped up and held a-loft by a wooden mop handle which is protruding out of the ends of the sleeves. The white light of the lamp shines through the shirts and lights up the bare plaster (pink coloured) wall behind in a sort-of ghostly way. The dressed lamp makes a 'T' shape and could look a little like a crucifix or a ghost.

easter sculpture

A diagram in pencil and pen consisting of nine circles each with eight smaller circles round the edges and a yellow one in the middle. There are arrows connecting the smaller circles in slightly different ways in each of the nine circles, sometimes these have question marks along the arrows.

research - working out how to map it (not there yet)

A close up image of a hand grasping a notebook.

Drawing in the sun

Fifty-seven current concerns (sorted by length)