Day 3

painting with a black bird with wings down on pink backgroun


drawing of lavender plant photographed with real dirt underneath it.

a bitter kind of growth

The reverse side of a sheet of paper has ghost pen marks in amber that have leaked from the other side. Placed on the paper are 5 sets of pine needles, numbered 1 to 5 in white below the piece of paper. Number 1 has 1 pine needle. Number 2 has 2 pine needles. 3 has 3 pine needles and so on. Each set is taped in a bunch.  To the left of the piece of paper is a large bunch of about 50 pine needles secured with a rubber band cut from a rubber glove.  To the right of the paper is a set of 15 taped pine needles.  All the sets are level at the thicker end of the pine needles. This end is the top.

My new tools for Frazzle Works.

Natural Paint brush

Natural Paint brush

Photo of a cross section (half-eaten) croissant with ham and cheese inside.

Veggie ham & cheese croissant

burning curiosity

Pandora's box

My cutlery

My cutlery

Images stacked next to each other that Spell LIVE LAUGH LIE SHIT AND THEN DIE. Each word is scrawled in Oil paint on an A4 colour piece of card. From left to right, starting with the word LIVE, the colours of the cards are; Bright Pink, Pastel Pink, Dark Purple, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Bright Pink, Pastel Pink. The alternating colours of the letters, from left to right are; Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Pink, Orange and Blue.

Live Laugh Lie Shit And Then Die

phone photo of a cluster of wood on a swamp that appears to resemble a human figure

swampy by mum and dad

pink and white wire frames and wheels repeated and offset

Desire Lines

[ID: An extreme close-up of a tree that is budding and in bloom, it is a tree in Spring time when there is lots of new growth and life returning.]

“The Advance-Guard”

I'm thinking about ways, approaches and processes for work.