Day 21

Sequence v1

digital drawing of circus poster. the background has red and white stripes. there is a map of the u.k., and a drawing of a narrow boat. everything is surrounded by golden french swirls and the title says ‘cirque de show’.

i hate working digitally

an excerpt from poem: 

dearly beloved, pull the wool, teach the sleeping dog a new trick. here lies
a liar,
here lies 
my best impression of a welcome mat.

fruit bowl

Posi vibes?

An ink painting. A line of trees, a forest, in inky splodges against a pink sky. The trees are at the front are also an intense magenta-pink and get darker as they move further into the background.

Pink Landscape


Horizon / Flagging

Basia inscription filled with colors


Screenshot of wikipedia article of an image with the caption 'A cube and its greebled version'. The image depicts two digitally rendered 3D orange cubes on a black background. The cube on the left is untextured and the one on the right has lots of texture.

Make it appear more visually interesting.

In any other city in the world

a3, coloured pencil on paper,

a yellow circle (the sun) is overlapped by a red triangle (the sun ray) which in turn overlaps a blue square ( the water)

Sun, Water

A close-up portrait of Juma Alwaridi, a Bedouin from the Al-Azazma tribe in the village of Bir Hadaj in Israel.
Juma sits in a host shed looking straight into the lens.

Come Away With Me

I am who I am

A colour portrait photograph showing three, triple storey terraced houses on the right of the image with various brick works, white paintwork and top floor balconies. A path or street floor is just visible on the left, with the houses cut off by a white wall and a bright orange hedge, with other shrubbery seen in front gardens. On top of a short pillar within the white wall is sat a black bin bag, looking full and heavy but tied up, bunched at the top. The top left of the image shows bright blue sky.

Black Marble Bin Bag On A Wall