Day 2

painting of red blue green and orange brush strokes' on grey background


a sketchbook shows a loose drawing of a flower and garden. The flower which was drawn lies on the paper.

mum's what's this one

A conifer tree growing out of broken asphalt. Discovered on a walk in Birmingham, initially thought to be a fallen limb of a tree.

Life ‘uh finds a way

Amy sits on a sofa, they are dress in blue, intense drag make-up. They have a blue towel wrapped around their head, as if they’ve just come out of the shower, with two rubber ducks for earrings. They are wearing a white dressing gown with brown and pink polka dots. A laptop is open on their lap, and connected to their laptop is a hand held phone, which they have to their ear. They had a shocked expression as if hearing a juicy piece of gossip.


white line drawing on black background of hand sanitizer spurting from bottle; inside liquid are multiple images related to COVID test centre.

day 2 - slow day at the test centre

White rectangle piece of paper with black text saying "enjoy some cool air"

Cool air 21

Phone photo of Lou, a white woman in her late 20s, on roller skates arms stretched midway to catching a football in the air in front of them. Lou is wearing a cream sweater, black tracksuit bottoms and full protective gear: helmet, knee, elbow and wrist pads.

Skate ball


What Brought me Joy on Friday 2nd April 2021

Youtube at 4am

photo of a geometric red / green / blue patchwork cushion propped up against sewing machine. There is a kids' drawing in front of it showing a series of designs for cushions. the propped cushion is one of them.

kid-designed cushion no.3