Day 1

Painting of yellow and black bird on orange backgorund and green splashes on the right hand side


A pencil sketch of a woman looking frontwards getting her eyes checked

Eye check

GIF of abstract flashing lights

The Source

Roll of clay wrapped in plastic and tied together with string. Pin needles stuck into it.

Pun cushion?

Drawing coloured darker in the middle
And carnage red towards the outer rim

The wound

Over saturated hot dogs floating in an oversaturated sky

Hypno dog 01

Male in smart navy jacket and brown chelsea boots standing in from of mirrored spherical IMAX cinema in Parc de la Vilette, Paris.

Mask for Masc - I

The Waver

Line drawing of a child's wooden 'busy board' with parts to spin and push. Drawing is labelled with captions explaining how to use the board pieces to generate answers to parenting dilemmas.

Busy board / parental responsibility decision-maker

53° 15′ 38.41″ N, 2° 0′ 33.59″ W

53° 15′ 38.41″ N, 2° 0′ 33.59″ W

Bad drawing of cyclops with big nose saying "the world is my diary bro" and "kinda of embarassing to have ppl looking at it all the time tbh" surrounded by lines and the words emotional lumberjack, GET YOUR DICK OUT OF MY FEELINGS, and borderline. A cup on a string  pointing towards them says "i got making a list abd checking down"

Diary is art