How to Register

To register you need to be a member of Exchange, Artquest's free professional network for visual artists. Registration closed 10am 28 March 2023

Logging in

1. First thing on Saturday April 1st , you will receive an email from the account

2. When you open this email, it will include:

3. Once signed in, you can also change your details by clicking Edit Profile (top right corner):

Submitting work

1. You will need to be signed in to 30works30days to submit your work. Log in in the top right corner.

2. Once you've signed in, the challenge has begun!! You're all set to start your very first submission by pressing the SUBMIT button in the top right corner.


5. You'll receive a brief every morning via email, if you've submitted your work for the day before (or a commiserations email if not…)

6. If you went out because of circumstances beyond your control then email so we can put you back in.

7. Please use #30works30days if/when you post your work on instagram to find each other.

Navigating the site

1. You can view your work at the top of the 'Feed' home page by clicking the 30/30 icon in the top left corner.

2. Your work will be displayed everyday (if you so choose) on the 30works30days website, showing everyone's work in chronological order.

Code of Conduct


Just email us at and we can add you back into the challenge.

Sorry the deadline to register for 30/30 was 28th March this year. Please subscribe to our mailing list to receive an email reminder for next year!

No problem, if you need to get in touch please email us at, please do not contact us for anything super urgent or send queries via instagram because we probably won't see it! Email is the best way to get in touch.

It's just before midnight BST (GMT+1) every day, so for 1st of April, you must submit Day 1 work by 23.59pm on 1st April!

Not to worry, just click 'log in' at the top of the page, click the 'forgot my password' button, use the email you signed up with, and you'll receive an email with a link to reset your password.

Check your spam/junk/promotions folders. If it's not there, email with the subject line '30/30 help-brief'. You can also find the daily brief at the top of the SUBMIT page.

No, the briefs are just there as a prompt if you want one.

Always check your spam/junk/promotions folders for messages from (feel free to add this email as a contact to avoid this).

No problem, just log in and go to 'Edit Profile' and there you'll be able to add and change your name, bio, website, and instagram handle.

Yes! You can edit or delete your work from the 'My Works' page, until the day is up. On the bottom right hand corner of the image you want to change you'll see an edit button.

If you opt into sharing your work, it will be featured on the feed at . We are having a different art guest select their favourite picks which we will post on our Instagram. We encourage participants to share works using #30works30days so you can find each other!

You can tick the button at the bottom of the submission page to hide your work from the feed and the Instagram selection for that day. Only you (on your 'My Works' page) and 12ø can see what you submit.