Sibylle Laubscher

Bio: Sibylle Laubscher is an artist gaining recognition for her work. She has a passionate commitment to the European tradition of fine art and its associated philosophy. Her interests in painting are colour, movement and light. Her work pulls the viewer in to explore, whether representational or abstract. Laubscher is greatly influenced by her surroundings and likes to move between the close study of nature to the fully abstract. Gardening is her hobby and her garden influences and inspires her work. Born in Switzerland, she grew up in the UK, studied Textile Design and Design Management BSc(Hons) at The University of Manchester Institute of Science and Technology. Moving to Vienna, Austria for a job in investment banking, she continued her art education studying with Zeger van Soest. As the first living artist Laubscher won the public commission of creating a drawing of Schönbrunn Palace for mugs used at the Palace fairs. Moving to Switzerland to start a family, she completed a Fine Art course at the private art school established by artist and philosopher Martin Rabe, continuing her studies in art theory and philosophy after the school's closure. She regularly explores new ideas via courses at the Royal Drawing School. She has exhibited in group exhibitions in Austria, throughout Switzerland and in Wales and solo exhibitions in Austria and Switzerland. Her work is held in private collections around the world. Laubscher designs posters and stage sets for local am dram groups. She worked as a freelance writer and illustrator for the Swiss gardening magazine “Schweizer Garten”, creating a column interviewing and painting portraits of people and their gardens. Laubscher painted murals in Kenya, Germany and Switzerland. Since 2018 she draws a social and political cartoon for a premium local newspaper. Laubscher works from her atelier and exhibition space in Arisdorf, near Basel, Switzerland. “Sibylle’s work opens up the imagination creating a portal into a world of beauty. She has a uniquely quirky and joyful aesthetic which infuses her art whether it is figurative or abstract.” Dr. J. Philips


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