Danilo Zocatelli Cesco

Bio: Danilo Zocatelli Cesco is an Italo Brazilian artist who finds inspiration in people’s stories, objects, everyday life, performance, drag and his queer identity. He is interested in the materiality of photo production, cameraless photography, fine art and experimenting with paper making and recycled materials. He developed a passion for photography when he moved to London in 2012, by using it to communicate with his family in Brazil. During his period of study for his BA (Hons) in photography at the University of East London, his work “Visible, invisible” has been shortlisted for exhibition at ‘Art Number 23’ gallery in Athens, Greece, and his body of work on “Drag Kings” has been exhibited at ‘Show 22’ in Broadgate, London. With an interest in working with marginalised communities and minorities, he developed his final year degree show working in collaboration with female ex-offenders, extending his field of expertise into video interviewing, and experiments with mask making and papier- mâché. He has just been offered a place at the Royal College of Art to study for his MA starting in September 2023 and is committed to continuing to explore different mediums for his practice, seeking to always create a strong and well-researched body of work.

Website: https://www.danilozocatelli.com/

Instagram: @danilozc