Lori Amor

Bio: Originally from Texas, USA, Lori Amor is a Nottingham, UK based interdisciplinary artist whose practice is led by curiosity, exploration and the gathering of knowledge. She gained a BA (Hons) Fine Art from Nottingham Trent University in 2005 and an MSc in Human computer interaction from University of Nottingham in 2018 and uses experience from these to create work with a variety of methods and materials. Her influences fluctuate as she explores but her constant influences are film and television, science and technology and the work of Susan Hiller, David Lynch and Frida Khalo. She is currently part of Hatchery, an international group of artists which began in 2019 as a response to the pandemic lockdown. Within this group she has explored the use of 3D software and fabrication methods and experimented with the use of streaming services to present her work. At the beginning of the year she participated in events which challenged her to create work daily which has led directly to a rekindling of her interest in using sketchbooks as art objects in addition to being containers for the exploration of ideas.

Website: http://loriamor.com

Instagram: @loriamor