Olga Hammock

I must be true to myself


Advice I didn’t like but has made a difference to my work

You must sketch en plain air

I had a week of drawing only shells

Here’s one I prepared earlier

Boats on a Galician shore

Getting ready for Appin art exhibition

Filing system


This took only the few minutes it takes to boil a kettle.

Quick sketch- winter tree

Not only literal but the choice of medium is the easiest

No resistance

A tranquil lake with snow-capped mountains in the background

Mountain scene

Remake in airbrush paints


Two of us submitting same idea with two colours

View from my window in two colours

Great Cumbrae

Ready for the exhibition

This is what home means to me

Being at home



After taking advice

Anchoring the island

In my window

Trompe l’oeil- for when I move from the coast to the city

Easier but less honest to draw a wine glass

My guilty pleasure

First time the airbrush paints

Abstract autumn

The glories of this world


Pen and ink work the old-fashioned way

Quill pen

The end of the world

Joyful lighthouse

Testing out various colours and media

Testing, tesing