Kaajel Patel

Gorgeous tiny blue flowers growing amongst fresh green perfect grass

They kinda need us to be here

Tasty Spacecraft Boots

My hand with my partners hand with five similar hands growing on each hand

Helpy Helpy Hands

Two hands holding each other in a dimly lit space

Helping hand

Younger me on the toilet at home (home at home)

Home at home

Eat it

Eat it

In the process is painting & my partner told me to use more orange - so I did 🤨🍊

I put some more orange in her

Collage of Bollywood music videos in back & white


Ramblings about research day today.... 

Make today a research day and try to make something or make research for something you are really interested in. Try and think about topic or colours or thoughts or films or songs or experiences that make you feel something - that you washes to research them. That make you tingle in some kind of way, that make you feel ‘what?’, ‘how?’, ‘Ooooo!’. I need to know more. Take your time and learn more about that thing, let that take charge in your brain. Unravel the BIG TRUTH about that thing............

Make today a research day ramblings

I need mor fingers . Would be sooooo helpful to dance with, practise headstands, make artworks, carry things etc

Optimum hand

Simple things things. Joy for me is time  to be alone & relish in ‘me’.  This includes applying mehndi on myself & lighting my favourite incense x

Mehndi & Agabati

10 small bits of hand moulded clay. 2 sets of 5 in a mirrored shapes. Each one patterned with a repeated mark. There is a notice last nose shape in one, a sphere & other organic shapes. They sometimes fit nicely together & sometimes live next to each other.

Nose hole hang bow