Cecilia Dumont

Website: https://ceciliadumont.com/

Instagram: @ceciliadumont

Clear PVC punctured with brass chrome eyelets, encased is a sheet of tattoo practice silicone stencilled with a silhouette of merrkats, it reads: Look Out

Neighbourhood Watch

ID: Mock up logos from left to right: 
Tele-milieu (a red oval logo with a bokeh effect)
Star enhancecorp (a blue star)
Lemon tm (a yellow square)
Technomata (silver and lime hexagons)
Fly Levantines (a red rectangle)
Xenonmobile (lyca mobile mascot lies on the floor,simcards)

Terrestrial Vision

ID: POV, of my cutting board.

Something UgLy + FLEsHy + sHr1nKwRapPEd

Abstract duplicated figures lunge on a chrome yellow background, There is a strip of vibrant green grass. White cloud + Blue sky. Duplicated faces to the left of the image.


many feet, many limbs, green grass, distorted abstract suggestions of bodies

Enjoys long walks...

An image of a perspex transparent chair, I am pressing my naked flesh against the surface, I sit on the chair back to front, breasts ledged comfortably on top of the chair. I wear boots and a gold chain, another image gestures towards this same action except I am no longer in the chair. A larger image backdropping these two diptychs shows my back to the camera and the curve of fleshy rolls as I twist and turn in the chair.


A screenshot of a man throwing darts mid-throw, His hand lands close to the head of a bald man. The background is red, the image appears duplicated as a smaller size behind the original image.

Throwing Shade


A canvas of paper with a photograph of streets of Osaka at night in the top left corner, Japanese ink bottom left, a black surgical mask cut open at the mouth, raw fermented and packeted ginger at bottom right, black ink and yellow tape, top right.
2018 Cecilia Dumont

Nothing's ever centralised

A silhouette of a non-descript child looking up at a star cut into a flesh resembling silicone tattoo practice sheet.