Kyla Harris

Bio: Kyla Harris is a filmmaker, writer and activist. Her work explores the perspective of ‘the Other’, relationships with the body, capitalism and normativity. Kyla is the creator of The Other Screen, film events dedicated to the perception of disabled people and the d/Deaf community. She was recently commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella to co-directed and write the film It’s Personal and is co-writing a television series in development with Roughcut TV for Channel 4.

Instagram: @bedroom_activist

An abstract photograph softly blurred. The right hand side is a column of cream, the majority a stormy sea blue and a black thick line in the shape of a corner.

Abstract TV

A white background with black text that reads "A dim gold landscape encloses pallid pink. The wide rim hugs two women washed in a black and white past. They aren’t relations, but ancestors of sorts."

Frida and Tina

A square black and white meme with a typewriter style font that reads "Black ink on white paper as thick, sharply parted hair flows into a collar, into a top, on a torso.  There is no gender in lines. Egon Schiele eyes, on edge, avoiding a gaze."

It's not a drawing.