Vivian Kokunda

A portrait painting of a model, the challenge was to paint with one colour. A5 oil paper, using oil paint.

Unsolicited advice

Doughnuts are a cheat

Cheat day

Here is a black in drawing of a peach with a zebra print. I have been wanting to do this painting for some time now, nearly a year.

Leopard peach

A middle finger with stacks of love of polca dots as rings.


Here is a ink pen and colour pens illustrating if water was to be tied up and yet flowing.

Water overflow

Least resistance...release, a black in illustration showing two females hugging.

Least resistance


Collaborating when rollerskating, this is a rework using ink blac pen

Collaboration 2

I am collaborating with. these two women in the see


A illustration of Frida, wearing a towel which is a take from my current morning inspired, illustrations. Illustrated using black ink pens.

Frida reinvented

Reading a magazine whilst just chilling. Homing at home.

Homing at home

This is a motion of thought of when I am displaying my work


Feedback from my sister, Hilda.

120_3030 feedback_08.04.2021

A Zebra is illustrated using ink black pen to seem like it is outside in the garden. We are currently unable to travel and unfortunately I was going to travel and see Zebras.

Zebra outside

Chocolate is the guilty pleasure. :) Here is a ink pen illustarting a woman(me ) indulging in chocolate.


Grapefuit is of a woman who is enjoying a grapefruit ona summers day. I have meaning to start a project on people idulging on fruit and today was the start. It is a freehand illustration using a black ink pen on a A5 paper.


Natural Paint brush

Natural Paint brush


Inspired by the current season and a mark of the 30/30 new project. I painted a woman embraces spring, painted on bed headboard. Ready for bedtime to to wake-up feeling new, just like spring.