Toyota Prius

Bio: honk i'm a car

A picture of a broken LCD screen, overlayed on top of a laptop screen or backlighting.

A busted LCD display

The Hardest Button To Button

grandpa simpson and an ipod

Obsolete Technology

You don't know what love is


two cellos

Before and Wayyyyy Before (You Hear What I Said, Ton?)

A screenshot of youtube search results for the query "rip frankie muniz"


Let's Stay Together

a cat saying "oh no i forgot to do anything today"


Gang Signs 👌🤙👉✌️🖖🤟🤞🤏🤘🤙👈🤛

Wave Of Mutilation

a cat with the words "cheat day" written on the body

hangover cheat day

Theme From "Oz"

a guy furiously washing his hands and looking nervous

One year of proper hand hygiene