Johanna Saunderson

Notes app reading / 

Id make a scene with 
With bodies dancing
In the field
Leaves brushing past their faces 
Taking steps forward turning towards
The sun


pencil drawing

theyre over me and under me and all around me

black italic text reading:
Chirp and buzz, The fragments chirp along 
They wake me sometimes, sometimes I am not awake without them
 Pluck them out the ground with one swipe, second nature 
This plot of ground is worked everyday 
The field a container 
But I see it from down in my ditch A little that’s left, in my ditch
I’m feeling My hatred for that once green ring 
Cup over in my throat


monochrome scribbly  pen drawing of shovels, gate, hands, grass

step stones

plants on windowsill


bridge on black background with blue water underneath

look over

image of floating window in w blue pink sky with red sphere in the middle


black text on white background reading " the worldhood of ‘the world’ 
the rise and fall of "the world"

a note

digital collage with tulips, face, birds and text saying love you bunches

sorry it's late