Craig Fisher

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Image is a blue and white drawing of a tiled wall and floor. The wall is not flat but has a projection and recedes into the distance. The drawing is done by hand and not very precise. The grid of the grouted tiled surfaces is drawn using opposing coloured lines; blue lines on the white coloured wall and white lines on the blue coloured floor. There is a drawn blue and white checkerboard patterned border around the image that is completed with single red outline.

Tiled Surfaces II (Berlin U-Bahn stations) new drawing made in response to looking at older drawing

Drawing using red and blue coloured pencils of a laptop computer that sits on tabletop. In the background there is a zig zag pattern which alternates between red and blue and then table top has a red and white checkerboard pattern on it. Inside the screen their is a text which reads, ADMIN DAY. The drawing has a blue and while striped border.

To do list (admin day)

Image shows various processes used in the construction of quilted brick walls - on left hand side of the image you are able to see two piles of  cut out painted rectangles of fabric alongside fabric sections that have been sewn together into strips with the painted sides showing. Towards the bottom of the image you can see the back section of several rows which shows the process of construction which is enlarged on the right hand side of image so you can see this in more detail.

In the making (process)

The image is a drawing of the corner of a tiled room (most probably a bathroom). The floor is dark blue and the walls are white. Contrasting coloured lines form grids to represent the tiled surfaces of the corner of the space. The drawing is edged with a dark blue and white striped border with a red lined outline.

Tiled Surfaces (drawing made whilst waiting for the shower to be free)

The image shows a folded pink painted paper structure with a painted red brick pattern motif next to a painted paper collage of an abstracted interior space that describes a ceiling /wall with a window aperture. Both components are shown against a red fabric background.

exterior / interior

The words Brick Quilt appear in white across an Orange and White illustration of a brick wall

Brick Quilt

Photographic and painted rectangular forms are covered with brick and paving motifs and arranged to form a sculptural assemblage against a red background. The collaged elements work together to create architectural facades and might be considered maquettes for larger works.

a space in a space in a space (architectural collage) RECONFIGURED

Image shows a number of collaged components on a red background. The top half of the image shows a photographic image which has been obscured by dark blue rectangular painted shapes that have been added to represent a brick wall. There are still gaps so some of the image is still being revealed such as a pot plant and the branch of a tree. In the bottom half of the image there is a larger painted blue rectangular piece of painted paper with another painted shape which has a linear pattern painted on it which references the pattern of paving slabs you see on pavements.

a space in a space in a space (architectural collage) collaboration with brutoncorrespondenceschool

Image shows 2 of 3,  Rioter helmet artworks that are part of the LB Insomnia series and how this work can operate as part of a limited edition.

Rioters (LB's Insomnia)

Image show painting of a tiled floor in a checkerboard pattern that describes the dimensions of a space without any other information. This painting is then placed on top of other painted paper sections which depict a three dimensionality while also acting as a framing device.


Image shows Installation view (left image) of a painting that describes an architectural space using painted marks that allude to brick wall patterns. Additionally the painting is constructed using collaged painted paper sections as a way of playing with space and flatness. The painted sections show the materiality of the painted marks. The other image is a detail which is a close up to show how the painting has been constructed.

Bricked (I) - Installation view and detail

Image shows completed sculpture, Rioter (LB's Insomnia) which can be described as a flat sculpture that leans against the wall. The object is a silhouette of a head that has been covered. A wooden armature has been stretched with canvas which has then been painted pink and covered with a red line drawing that references a recurring pattern that appears in Louise Bourgeois's Insomnia Drawings. Alluding to a masked figure, eye holes have been cut out making the object read figuratively.

Rioter (LB's Insomnia) - repositioning eye holes

Drawing of the corner of a brick building with a window that has been bricked up using various paint pens. The central image is edged with the same brick pattern to form a frame and accentuates the decorative quality of the brick pattern that we see on a daily basis.


Three different coloured (pink) felt arrows have been blanket stitched on to a rectangular piece of red wool cloth. Additional lines have been embroidered to each arrow in order create a more three dimensional representational form. The work has then been stretched and hung on a wall to be photographed. The work is inspired by looking at the pain tings of Philip Guston.

&Arrows (3D version)

The image is made up of two composite images. On the left hand side you can see blue painted canvas sections which have been stitched together to create a quilted brick wall. The sections have been cut out so that the brick wall appears to be in perspective. The stitched sections are pinned to. a red fabric background. The image on the right hand side is a close up detail

Brick Wall (perspectival)

Composite image of 6 drawings that reference urban architecture specifically brick buildings made using red, blue and pink paint pens

drawing research (visual thinking)

Image shows various paper/wood templates and drawing for 'Rioter (LB's Insomnia)' against a red background which will be used to make the object.

Tool/Template (working it out)

Appliqu├ęd pink arrows made from felt which reference a Philip Guston painting called Martyr are sewn onto a red wool cloth which is 30 x 40 cm in size.


Line drawing using red and blue coloured pencils of a hood/balaclava. The drawing makes reference to one of the Insomnia Drawings by Louise Bourgeois which is an interlocking linear pattern which reminds me of knitting

Rioter (LB's Insomnia)