Angy Vardalou

Instagram: @installationsinprogress6

sensor- detector ,installation part


Found image: 1/2 join the club of googled sculptures

google robot

Found image-scientific research ,phone drawing

Fifii's tears

Found image- research

open sesame

Parts,unfinished instalation

Documentation gifs

Gif,in vitro footage+ drawing


Fake tattoos

no no guts no instinct

Found image ,am looking for motors

description doubled

Older double hexagon sculpture remake,installation parts


Gif,installation around double hexagonal sculpture  mystic

my mystic friend

Fluorized image of baby anchovies in plastic  take away

special dish for our circumstances

Gif,installation parts.Skin casts,studio debris,garden worms,sculptures leftovers.
Dont like making homes


Gif,installation parts,found images.
Nothing would change the way I work.
All the rest afterwards

free access

Gif of snake or cicatrice,fake tattoos.
Asclepius placed  the sacred snakes near his patients for healing along his medicinal practices

Advice from Asclepius

Shark gif,found newspaper  photo animation.
From series for projections.
Yes would sit well in my window


Fluor oversaturated older works,2 arm casts,1 with silicone hand,fake sensor .
for wall projection


Still searching my garden for bigger worms+ how to preserve them.
For a dead+ "live " relief sculpture.

worm collecting

small sculpture remains  from a latex cast,blurred ,1st "draft" for a series of increasingly blurring multiples-avatar anatomies

gut hole

Gif of found images for installation projection

there once was a city

Gif of plasticine minuscule head+ sculptures leftovers on paper : silicone rubber skin casts,finger casts,putty,charcoal soap,collected debris- installation part for large debris installation on polythene,in progress


Memory foam pillow shredded,soaked,rotting sliding on the floor.Other sculptures left overs hanging above it,glycerine soaps yellow,green  beside it  on the floor.

lethal cargo