A Moral Obligation

Photographic image of a beach. Pale blue sky with clouds in top third above blue-grey-green sea, a line of blue-white surf above grey-brown shingles in lower third. The photograph is digitally manipulated, the left half is actually the right hand side of the photograph and vice versa. The pixel count has been increased and the join line can be clearly seen.

Unsought Advice: Making it Bigger

Image shows a screen print of the end of Southend Pier. It is highly pixelated. The pier meets a vanishing point on the horizon line. The top half of the image is mainly sky: pale blue, deeper blue at the central horizon. The lower half of the image is mainly pier and red/brown in colour.

taking the rest of the day off to drink coffee, here's something I made earlier

Five frames with screen prints lying on a grey striped quilt cover on a bed. The frame to the top left is half out of shot. All the frames have artwork inside or resting on top of the frame. Another unframed print sits on the quilt cover in between the two right hand frames. The frames are a selection of sizes and the screen prints are images of piers, the sea and gulls. The right third of the image is in full sunlight, the left two thirds are in shadow.

The admin I've been putting off (mounting work for an exhibition)

What if the documentation is the work?

[ID. Portrait of two hands stretching a piece of pale yellow bread dough on a mauve/grey marble-effect work surface background. The hands grip the dough top and bottom of the image, the dough is central and stretches between the two hands. The fingers of the right hand at the top of the image are clenched, the top of the hand is in shadow and casts a shadow over the dough. The fingers of the left hand, at the bottom of the image, are out-stretched and the hand lies flat against the work surface.]

Making a choreography while I knead the dough

[ID: Three pictures of the sea, joined together horizontally to form a triptych with a wide white border. The central sea view has been flipped. The versions to left and right of the central image are identical. The top half of the triptych is a pale blue sky with clouds, the sky becoming paler towards the horizon line below which is green blue sea and a brown/grey shingle beach. The shingle is in the lower quarter of the image. A rolling white wave bisects the beach and the sea.]

A Pressure System: Calculating the Resistance of a Wave

Where is my Wave?

Do It Again

Image of a scanned representation of pressed flowers on a page. The top quarter of the image is dark blue, the lower three quarters textured paper white - the divide between colours is a wavy line. A daisy chain with six yellow and white flower heads all facing right stretches across the top of the white section. A small faded pink rose sits in the centre of the lower third of the image, its green stem touching the edge of the page.

Chain Letter Renga

(Not) For Sale

Photograph of a brown cardboard box. The box contains a folded piece of brown paper which is visible on the right hand side of the box. There is a small circular gap in the brown paper. A ring of white feathers, some with gold paint on them, sits on the left of the image, with a dried poppy seedhead in the centre of the feather ring. Four rubber letter stamps sit just inside the box on the top right hand side. The four stamps spell the word HOME.

At Home, abstract noun: 1. A sense of belonging (Akiya nest)

Opening Up the Conversation

A section of a map of South London with two lino block printed orange comets and a drawing of an older man and older woman both seated and wearing work clothes sits behind a photograph of a window frame with one large glass panel on the left and two smaller panels on the right, the tops of a dragon plant and two spider plants in the lower third and flowered curtains hang to each side.

Advice from My Ancestors: A New View

A New Point of View

A silver paper sunburst, the word Lux sits in the top left corner, the word Create centre left, and the word Sunshine centred at the bottom. There is a gold paper bee below the word Create. Three Sweet Pea seeds are arranged in a triangle in the centre of the image. A small number of Marigold seeds are scattered around and below the bee.

Pleasure: Lux, Art, Seed

A section of a street map of South London. The River Thames is in the top left of the image. The map is partially overlaid with an comet shape which has been lino-printed in orange ink onto tissue paper. This comet print fills the lower half of the image, with the comet head to the right and its tail to the left.

What type of Procrastinator are You? Still from a movie yet to be made (Buying Time)

ID: Two book covers side by side. On the left a pale blue cover with central diagram and title: Stephen Willats, Artwork as Social Model, A Manual of Questions and Propositions. Two cherry blossom flowers sit top right and two plum leaves bottom right of the book. On the right a book with a dark blue strip and title: starting at zero, Black Mountain College 1933-57, next to a photo, partially visible, of someone jumping, arm outstretched, with their shadow in the lower third of the image. An orange plum sits on the photo. A shadow bisects the whole image horizontally.

The Joy of Research: Growing, Sowing; Blossom, Plum

All We Really Needed Was Time

ID: A close-up on a small round glass bowl which sits on top of a picture of bright yellow egg yolks. The bowl holds several whole brown almonds and dried pink/red goji berries. The bowl fills two thirds of the image. Sunlight falls across the image, lighting the bowl's rim. One third of the bowl's rim can be seen. A shadow reflection of the bowl sits in the upper left of the image.

The Neurology of Joy: Motivation, Memory, Reward

Habit Forming