Kamila Szymkiewicz

Bio: Born in Kielce, Poland in 1994, Kamila Szymkiewicz is an artist, designer, curator and creative director. After earning a degree in Fine Art at The School of Art, Architecture and Design, London Metropolitan University, she has been pursuing a career as a creative specialising in digital art and immersive experiences. In her practice, she combines the fields of art, design, fashion, architecture and technology. Conceptual theories together with contemporary culture make up her inter-disciplinary practice. Working primarily across the mediums of film, photography, sculpture and cyberspace, Kamila's work is a respond to today's modern world and social changes.

Website: https://www.kamilaszymkiewicz.com/

Instagram: @kamilaszymkiewicz

A screenshot of a website


an image of a t-shirt

a walking website - @kamilaszymkiewicz

A PDF document of text and an image for Tshirt design

Tshirt design - work in progress

an image of a women on the background of the street in Paris.

Alternative Realities

An image of a woman on a background of the sea.

Alternative Realities

a screenshot of a new website. There are images of works with a biography.


An image of a melted cake and hands trying to put the candles on, the number on the cake says 56. There is a fly on the man's hand.

Alternative Fourth Plinth - THE END

an image of a women with flowers on a meadow background.

Alternative Realities

An image of two men playing basketball in Honor Oak

Honor Oak

screenshot of Machu Picchu taken from Google Maps with an image of the artist

Traveling with Google Maps