Bio: Hi I’m Emma, I’m a slow living creative from Surrey, U.K. I’m a content creator living with chronic illness which impacts my life and art choices daily. I’ll try my hand at all arts but I love photography the most, maybe because of the instant results? For this project I’ll be trying to share digital drawings mostly so I can gain practice.

Instagram: @emmmasometimes

A photo full of white blossom

Snow queen

Digital drawing of a cartoon white cat on a pink plum background. In the middle of the cat is the word cat in purple capital letters.


Two photos of the same view of the moon but no stars. The top image has words saying the stars shine bright. The bottom photo says but not tonight.

Waxing moon. - The stars shine bright, but not tonight.

Digital drawing of red and green apples. The pattern is repeated to fill the square.


Digital chalk drawing of strawberries


A sketch of pink swans with the pattern repeated

Pink swans

A digital drawing. A cat sits in a window with a grander view of flowers and bushes outside.

View from another window

A photo of a ginger and white cat sat in a box that looks like a shop. Gifs of bunches of flowers surround it.

Kitty shop

Rainbow coloured works on a white background. It reads I don’t like being told what to do but I’ll ask you anyway.


A grey cat sits on the right side of a window sil looking out of the window to the sea and sunset. There’s a small plant pot with seedlings next to the cat.

Alternative window view

Digital drawing of flowers under stars with a blue to green gradient background.

Flowers under stars

A digital sketch of a bunch of flowers. The flowers are made up of hearts and lots of different colours. There’s a pink bow at the bottom.

Bunch o’ love

A sketch of a yellow mug of tea with a ladder up the left side with a little mouse sat at the bottom holding a Easter egg.

Happy Easter to you

A digital drawing of the sun with a smiley face and rays in all shades of yellow, orange and red coming out and filling the picture.

Sun rays

A digital drawing of yellow and orange flowers on the left with the words spring has sprung in capitals on the right.

Spring has sprung

A watercolour puppy teddy bear with beige fur and beady black eyes.

Watercolour Puppy-bunny hybrid