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music grid

music grid





White sticker, 100%, 40%, blue, red, double pink, green peace, tri, fi fill, hair, yolk mood, purple i, loop, candy blue, fist bump,

Day18_copy and paste

white sticker, 100%, 40%, blue, red line, fist bump, tri, purple i, candy blue, fi fill, green peace, loop, hair, double pink, yolk mood, mystery


White sticker, 100%, 40%, half and less, blue, red line, yolky mood, candy blue, purple i, double pink, green peace, tri, hair, fist bump, fi fill, unsure loop

Day16_Unsure loop

White sticker, double pink, purple i, candy blue, green peace, yolky mood, hair, tri, fi fill, fist bump

Day15_Fi fill

White sticker, blue, red line, yolk mood, candy blue, purple i, hair, double pink, green peace, fist bump, tri


White sticker, blue, red, hair, yolky mood, purple i, candy blue, green peace, double pink, fist bump

Day13_Fist bump

White sticker, blue lines, red, hair, yolk mood, candy blue, double pink, purple i, green peace

Day12_green peace

White sticker, blue, Red, hair, yolk, candy, Purple i

Day11_Purple i

White sticker, Blue, Red line, Hair, yolky mood, double pink, candyblue


White sticker, blue, hair, red, Yolk and double pink

Day9_Double pink

White sticker, blue lines, hair, red line, yolk mood

Day8_Yolk mood

White sticker, Blue, Hair, Red line


White sticker, Blue line, Black hair


White sticker, blue lines


White sticker with a complete black circle, 40%of brown marker circle, half and less black ball pen mark

Day4_half and less

Day 3


White sticker with black complete circle on a white postcard

Day 2_100%

A white postcard with a white sticker

Day 1_Dark