Marion B McCabe

Written part of documenting prints, ideas for how to document art work: the old fashioned way, online/ digitally, taking photographs

Still searching

General doodling mess. Oil painting on canvas

Spilling over

Postcard size abstract oil painting on top of photograph.

Going with the flow

An empty canvas with the following words:"A beautiful smell of a flower, a cup of coffee. The sound of wind rustling leaves, a wave coming ashore. Silence. Void. Clarity.

The things I love

Painting on top of printed image of hybrid sea sponge reworked.

Remix M&S

Oil paint on top of photographic image of a hybrid sea sponge

Collabotion 'Simone'

Mixed media painting on paper, scraped and overpainted

Deconstructed to suit the lounge

Digital image of pineapple leaves, pistachio nuts and a hand reaching in.

Homework Home works

Sketch of my drawer chest as storage for some of my work. Hidden away.

Still Looking

Oil painting on paper capturing a young girl lying on the ground in the snow

In Search Of The Essence

Photo of a dream catcher made out of paper plate, wool, beads etc, hang in a window

Dream Catcher

Mixed media painting on paper using  coffee blended with blues

Swimming in coffee

Overworked portrait of a young girl, Oil painting on canvas

The Struggle Goes On

A photographic study of sea creatures like starfish, sea urchins mussel..

Water's Edge

Home made brush 30cm made from sisal string, bamboo stick wire binding with aluminum foil


Oil on paper painting inspired by seaweeds encountered on my daily swim.

The Joy of the Sea

Abstract oil painting on outdoor material with a sisal string tassels sewn through