Georgia Preece

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Paper, textured with hand written text reading "good evening.
He said, 
As our bellies filled with dread"

Country's biggest threat

Text reads:
Common Pipistrelle bat (protected)
Soprano pipistrelle bat
Barbastelle bat (protected)
Noctule bat
Brown long eared bat (protected)
Natterer's bat (protected)


Glass door, cascading light and shaddow

Struggling to start

Text reads:
we learned each other’s rhythm 
slow dancing in the kitchen 
played records we’d never move to in clubs 
under low ceiling lights 
we mastered our moves 
with no need for dancing shoes

Slow dancing

Cardboard placard lay on the floor reading PROTEST = Progress in thick black paint. Doc Martin boots stand on the bottom corners of it. Light and shadow cascade across.

Kill The Bill

Black and white image. Person lay body down on a white plaster riot shield representation. Their face is pressed against the shield.

Liberty Still