Abe Clark

Bio: hello :)

Instagram: @snootboii

photo of a piece of a4 paper with a fold down the centre. it is painted a wash of pink, blue, green stripes with a lino stamp on top of a horsedog standing in the sun.

making a card i would have made even if i wasnt doing 30 works :0

three screenshots of dated medical history headings
no 1)  Current: 10 Apr 2017 Gender identity disorders
no2) Past (Significant):  8 Oct 2019 Mental well-being,  15 Jan 2002 Failure to thrive
no3) Pats (Minor):  4 Sep 2019 Low mood,  15 Jan 2018 Depressed mood,  30 Oct 2017 Tremor,  18 Oct 2017 Hand pain,  18 Oct 2017 Depressed mood, 9 Oct 2017 Feels Unwell

research (story)

it was so sunny today (alt: emoji-pixel art of a horsedog standing in the sun)

a screengrab of a photoshop canvas. On a grey checkered background are three overlayed images- a section of a bicycle wheel, a section of a trigonometry worksheet, a glove finger tip with a patch of conductive thread. also the cursive text 'doodles', and a column of dates.

while she buys baked beans

a simply drawn three panel garfield-esque comic. Panel 1: Garfield is sitting in a box under a blanket, he thinks 'So this is Tuesday. Shrew Tuesday'. Panel 2: Jon is sitting at the table with a plate of pancakes and raised fork. he says 'I love eating the circle food on Shrew Tuesday'. Garfield looks at him/the pancakes/ the middle distance. Panel 3: Garfield sits on a pile of giant pancakes, with one over him like a blanket. He looks happy/smug/comfy and thinks 'I am The Shrew'.

the path of least resistance

a gif with two frames - the first is of an unfolded 8 panel zine, with 'hello' stamped in different positions on each page (but the hello is back to front). The paper is a page from a beatrix potter book, and the ink is gloopy and black. The second frame shows the same zine, but with numbers and a curvy arrow digitally drawn ontop, to show the direction to read the panels (as they would be when folded)

if i had the energy i would remake this lino stamp but get the letters the right way around :0(

two exquisite corpee characters from yesterday, but now digitally traced with black outline and filled in bright primaryish block colours. The character on the left is: an elephant head; a hotdog body; gunge at the bottom with a sign reading "goop". on the right: a border-terrierish slightly human head; a large butterfly bird body with small noticeable nipples; strange blue and green lumpy legs with leafy feet.

i did this to them

two exquisite corpses photographed drawn on folded cream paper with pens. on the left: an elephant head; a hotdog body; gunge at the bottom with a sign reading "goop". on the right: a border-terrierish slightly human head; a large butterfly bird body with small noticeable nipples; strange blue and green lumpy legs with leafy feet.

two of them https://www.thirty.works/artist/0130

a screencap of a redbubble store with a bunch of items with 'i heart the algorithm' printed on, in the style of 'i heart NY'. There are sparkly and star emojis decorating the image.


homebase: make a house a home ( please be mindful of the algorithm today while out and about )

a small little image of a cartoon pink and purple horseDog standing on a wooden bench. below is the text 'i mainly make art for my self now and as a matter of fact i do not like good art so there'

very small thoughts about Art Work 2day

a square printer-grainy close up of a passport photo, showing nose and right eye. on top is the text '(I have included Mr to confirm your gender)' in white monospace with blue and yellow gradient shadow.

i sent you a low quality pic of my passport pls respond

a 15cm-ish wire window frame (square with cross inside) tied together with sparkly lilac wool. inside it are paper outlined clouds and a sun in the corner. they are drawn in crayon on squared paper. it is not structurally sound lol.

view finder

hill chat + look

the front of a card and an unadressed envelope. the card has rougly printed flower patterns in the background (yellow and orange) and a lino print of a horsedog standing in the sun overlayed. the envelope is scrap white paper and a recipt, held together with purple, yellow and floral washi tape.


A screenshot of a abobe illustrator workspace. there are several canvases within it, most with some messy scribbles, pink and yellow stars, a photo of a backless watch, a photo of two sachets containing wet wipes.

Screenshot 2021-04-04 at 22.22.51.png (you can just draw anywhere)

an a4 sheet of paper with printer artifacts (black stripes) layered with scraps of other artifacts and text, pale yellow washi tape and a post it note that says 'art art t t t t'. on top are some lino printed arrows and the word art but the a is backwards :(

<- ษ’rt (every fucking time)

a filled in statuary declaration t467 form, with wiggly blue crayon patterns, a yellow quarter circle in the top right corner, and two pink and purple horizontal bands near the bottom.

sunset scene

a low quality photo of a fire alarm that has been ripped from the ceiling. it lies upsidedown on a red carpet next to its battery. overlayed is the text 'maybe my art can make a difference too'. the text is blue and shiny, warped and dangling down over the image, with a 3d tail extending behind. in the top right and bottom left corners of the image are two messily drawn daisies.