Nim McQuin

Bio: Using this to express my frustration? With my skin condition. It's just eczema and I'm depressed.

Instagram: @justcallmenim

what can i see around me?



playing on zoom!

Layered image of green scribbles, bright and dark green acrylic paint and oil pastels - very disorganised and messy. These images are on top of another green image, this one is the green of a bottle.

more green


gif of the artist adjusting their hair, their shirt, looking into the camera trying to work out if they look masculine or feminine - they're wearing a white victorian-esque shirt with one button done up, the word 'king' can be seen in the background

am i king?

describe what id make?

screamy brain

green bottle exploration

background is a photograph of fingers behind green glass, in the top left corner is a block of neon green, in the bottom right corner is a wildly happy selfie, over the top is nonsensical text describing how bright neon green is my favourite colour and how it is better than your favourite colour and why it is the best


image of dried flakes of wax on a bedsheet, layered images over the top of dried wax drips on skin, from this you can tell that the artist has scratched the wax off of her skin and onto the bedsheets

skin experiment (it burned)

redy for scrapey?


layered image of a journal entry, one side of the page has splotches of colours blue, red, yellow, green, the other side in these same colours you can make out words written in large capital letters "visual", "colourful", "my eyes", "seeing". Over the top of this image is text that reads: i looked through an old journal and i wanted to reach through the pages to hold heri looked through an old journal and i wanted to reach through the pages to hold her she said it hurt, it was rotten starving and rotting starvation and then the most beautiful thing she'd ever felt

rotten starving mess

layered pictures of hands in grabbing one another highlighting the dryness of the skin.

folds :)

screenshot of a text post that reads "laying them all out one by one, just to check, just to check"

not what I wanted to post


essential tools

Portrait photograph of roof tops, trees and bright blue sky. The sky takes up the majority of the photograph. It is captioned at the bottom of the picture 'there they weren't' and floating by the trees are the words 'there he is'

there he is

Photograph of eyes and forehead of a young woman with very dry severe eczema, her eyebrows are raised you can see lines on her forehead and flakes of skin around her eyes.

this doesn't show it