Minnie Teckman

Instagram: @Teckmanart

Repeat pattern, black cat on different coloured rugs, digital drawing on a cerise background.

Digital design for POD website

Digital drawing of a black cat sitting down with paws tuck in neatly, on a green background.


Photo of a white dog with a red bandage on his foot in a cage.

The day job

Line drawing of a cat that is clawing with pleasure.

Cat in a trance

2 papillon dogs one with black ears one with red ears, sitting next to one another


Snap shot of wine and wine bottle

Research Day

Black line drawing of black cat on the lap next to a cup of coffee on lap

After work coffee

iPad drawing of a white Persian cat with one eye that is half blue and half orange, as peach bubble next to the cat with WAA! Written in it. All on a blue background.

Twiggie says WAA

Image made on procreate, line drawing of a bright pink cat on bright green background, the cat is full of daffodils.