Ana Pallares


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This is a photograph of the drawing I uploaded yesterday.
Instead of progressing, the drawing itself has taken a step back and faded away and I felt it was a good description of my day.
On it you can see a paper going backwards because the masking tape was not strong enough.
You can see half of a pussy, a flower and some plants all outlined in black. There's also have of a quote and the background of the paper is white and so the wall on which it's hanging but slightly dirty.

Awful crisis that comes every spring with a different form...

This is an illustration done with a thin black Posca marker on a white paper. The work is in progress.
On the center you can see my pussy surrounded by some flowers and plants. All of them are sprouting because it is spring.
The outlines of the drawing are done using these two combinations of words on repeat: sex/passion and fuck/lick.
On the bottom of it there's this quote written "it's spring time and everything sprouts including my pussy....".
As you can see the image is still in progress and I still have to decide if I will add any colors of leave it in black and white.

"It"s spring time and everything sprouts including my pussy....." (Work in progress)

This is a composition with new and old "items" of one of my favourite poems ever, "The Raven" by Edgar Allan Poe.
On the top you can see two quick sketches of Edgar Allan Poe done with black pen on two yellow papers. These were done as a rehearsal for a large scale painting I did few years ago.
They have been hanging in my wall for a while and decided to add another character on the composition: an actual raven. It's a very dirty quick sketch done with Posca pen but I do like how the three of them look together on my wall.

The Raven

This is a photograph of a radiator seen from above.
The white grills reminded me of a prison and I've always connected this idea with a kind of mental slavery where we are the victims of our mind.

Mental prisons

This is a photograph of a small metal square in the concrete outside a petrol station. Inside the confines of the square grows a patch of grass. Like a small oasis in the middle of the desert.

Tiny Garden

This is a random picture of one of the few material things I treasure: my shoes.
A pair of short black Dr. Martens in the middle of Dalston. The one on the left is outlined with red (as a reference to Hell) and the right one in blue (as a reference to Heaven). 
The floor has two different colors/patterns simbolyzing both lands.
The picture is taken from above so you can also see my maroon trousers.
It's a very simple image with a meaningful subject (as I feel our shoes, specially if you wear them everyday as I do, share with us all our adventures, amazing or awful).

My shoes take me Everywhere: Heaven and Hell. If you wanna join, follow the leader!

This is a pack of "Lucky Charms", one of my two favourite cereals ever.
I have written "I do consider myself a LUCKY girl, but not CHARMING at all...." using the letters of the brand.
The letters are kind of thick and painted with a black Posca marker.
On the front of this cereals you can find a magician doing magic with his hands and a bowl of cereals on the bottom.
There's a rainbow in between his hands and the main colour of the packaging is red. The background of the photograph is a white paper.

I do consider myself a LUCKY girl, but not CHARMING at all...

This is a remake of the work (photograph) that I took yesterday at my local off-licence.
In the center you can see my left hand giving the sales assistant £20 to top up electricity.
He is taking the money and the key to do so with his right hand.
In the side you can see the machine where to do the payment transactions and in the other side there's a can of Carlsberg.
The drawing is all done with black outlines and the background is all white. The only colored (in red) thing is the electricity key.

£20 for Electricity and £100 for self-esteem, please.(Remake)

This is a picture of me paying £20 to top up electricity. 
In the picture you can see my left hand giving 20 pounds and the key for electricity to the sales assistant of my local off-licence. He is taking both things with his right hand.
On the right hand side of the picture there is also a can of a Carlsberg (beer) and on the other side the machine for the payment transactions.
He is wearing a silver Wrist watch.

£20 for Electricity and £100 for self-esteem, please.

On this picture (which is a detail of the piece I am working on at the moment) you can see a background full of pussies, mouthes and drops.
All of them have loads of colors and details on it apart from the mouthes that are still in progress. The lips are red and the teeth are yellow.
The background colour is a mixture of orange and pink.
On the right hand side there is a quote saying "The Funeral of my Sadness" which is at the same time the tittle of the work in progress.

Naughty mouthes

On this picture you can see a bottle full of matches of the same size but different colors (red, white, yellow, blue, purple, green...).
There's a hand with a yellow Clipper lighter on ready to set fire on them.
They are all queuing to be lit and this way perish as we all will.

We all queuing to die...

This is a detail of the painting on grey board that I am working on at the moment.
In the center of the photo you can read "The funeral of my sadness" with white letters outlined with two tones of blue and black background. 
On the left you can see my hand working on it with a Molotow blue marker. 
On the right hand side you can see a woman and a man (my parents) celebrating the big day (The Funeral of my Sadness). The characters are painted using blue, green and red and yellow for mouth and nose. They are both wearing glasses.
In the center you can also see some pussies and drops.

I cannot wait to celebrate this day!

This is a detail of the painting I am working on at the moment.
On the left side you can see a priest pointing to the sky with a beer and a very happy young girl celebrating something.
You can also find some pussies, some of them with all the details and some others half done.
The background is a mixture of orange and pink and there are small drops around. The other colors I have used are blue, green, red and black.
On the right you can see a coffin with a girl crying inside. On the borders of the coffin it is written "The Funeral Of My Sadness".

Keep On Growing

This is a detail of a bigger painting which is in progress. 
On the center you can see a hand (of a priest) pointing towards the sky with a can of beer (as if it was a cross).
On the top and the bottom of the drink you can read "beer" with black background yellow letters.
The hand is blue but there are many other colors on the top. On the center of each finger there´s a triangle and there are white spirals on the nails. 
On the sides you can slightly see a drop and two clitoris, also you can tell the painting is not finished as the backgrounds are detailless.

When you are scared of humans, it's difficult to deal with them without being drunk. (WIP detail)

This is a bit of the painting that I am working on at the moment. 
On the center you can see two pussies with naughty and smiley black faces. They have the clitoris as brains and the lips are full of little dots and lines. There are different colors but the lips are mainly purple and dark blue while the center is kind of orange/yellow. 
You can also see the unfinished backgrounds on the sides with plain colors like red, orange, pink and green.
On the right side there is this cut bit of a quote where it says "my sadness...". The letters are white, the outlines are blue on a black background.

Detail (in progress) from a work (in progress)

Today's brief: The perfect excuse to go back to this old dusty work.

This is a photograph of a tiny bit of my room in London that I have converted into a kind of studio.
There is a hand touching an old painting which is a portrait of a woman wearing a hat. On her hair there is the word 'Insecure' multiple times. 
On the front of the hat there is the quote: 'Do you want to swap your body with mine?'.
The painting is done using warm colors like pink, yellow, white and red.
The picture is standing on an easel and on the top of it there are three different colored hats: grey, blue and black.


This is a self-portrait as a young woman. The drawing is done with markers only using these 5 colors for the backgrounds: green, grey, maroon, yellow and orchid. On the top there are loads of lines, spots, dots, squares and roots using many different colors and the illustration is full of little details.
The expression of the girl is kind of apathetic. You also can tell that she is not letting out a silent despair.
The outlines are done using a black thin pen and with the words on repeat "never enough"instead of lines.
The woman is wearing a hat and using safety pins as earrings.

Never Enough

This is a self-portrait as a young woman. The backgrounds are painted with green, yellow, grey, maroon and orchid. 
The outlines of the contour of the figure are done with black fine line marker and instead of lines, they are these two words (Never Enough) on repeat.
On the top of the backgrounds there are many lines and dots using a big selection of colors creating different patterns.
The woman is wearing a hat which on the main front it says a big "Never Enough" in capital letters. She is wearing safety pins as earrings and she has short curly hair.

Never Enough

This is a self-portrait as a young woman using only 5 different colors: yellow, maroon, green, grey and orchid. The illustration is done with markers and fine liner on a small format (A4).
The expression of the character is kind of apathetic but hiding a silent despair that you can see in her expression she is not letting it out.
The woman has curly short hair, wears a hat and instead of earrings she wears safety pins (2 on each ear). 
The outlines for the contour of the figure are done by these 2 words on black fine liner ("Never Enough") constantly on repeat.

Never Enough