Natasha Eves


Instagram: @natashaeves

Journal pages. Wednesday has a quote from Jodi Dean's Blog Theory written down. Below that, Thursday is notes preparing for a meeting with questions about the body and art. The right hand page reads "it's all slops, slaps + clacks" and has a pencil drawing of willo-the-wisp superimposed over the crooked spire.


The racing pigeon terrified out chimney
Street rat in a box he won’t quit kicking
Animal rescue has no time for wildness

We couldn’t even THINK revolution
and now ads for STRIKE say sell your house
for free

Newland Gardens opposite The Highfield where he couldn’t jump start his car into the dead end

Comic Roots: Kenneth Williams (bbc4)
Willo the wisp
Indignation in comedy
We are a portion of everything we’ve ever loved

Workers playtime


thoughts for a piece on home

An open sketchbook. The left hand side reads “abandon hope summer is coming”, the word hope is split in two by a pencil drawing of a crying daffodil. The right hand page is a colour drawing of a crying daffodil.

abandon hope summer is coming

A photo of daffodils with tears digitally drawn onto them. In the bottom left comic sans text reads “finding calm” with a bee emoji, and the tears flood into a blue river below.

crying flowers (rose edit)

a panoramic photo of a studio space in the process of being painted. on the left a figure scratches his head. to the right there are several disjointed legs and arms as the photo has frozen them in place. a person laughs on the far right.

professional? i barely know her

A fish head on a sheet of tin foil

celebrating again

Photo of yarn feeders with rainbow yarns

threading up

A drawing about someone selling sunglasses at work, and a drawing about an avocado_ibuprofen instagram post

technical advice

Drawing overlaid with a yellow to pink vertical gradient, like looking through coloured sunglasses. A figure takes a selfie in the photo booth window, laid over a zoom window and a pop up icon reads "weavemaker" below.

windows in windows

Pencil drawing of four Depeche Mode fans from the documentary Our Hobby Is Depeche Mode. From R-L: a man wears glasses, tshirt and wristwatch; a woman with long hair has a beaded necklace and sunglasses round her neck; a woman looks off camera, wearing a t-shirt depicting a red rose like the Violator album cover; a person with short curly hair, glasses and black lipstick, wears a feather boa and various chains and necklaces.

our hobby is depeche mode

Pencil drawing of two art students in masks representing bureaucrats from Pat Holland's The Hornsey Film (1968). A jagged speech bubble reads "We are in non-communication most of the time. The terms of the other side are unworkable."

The Hornsey Film

Pencil drawing of two hands giving a shoulder massage. Handwritten text reads "The shoulder massages at the end of each night aggravated the pain in my own shoulder blades. I wished for something that would alleviate both our discomfort."

co-regulated shoulder pains

Photo of OSB walls in a studio with filler on them

the joy of fillering

Text reads "Since I started my job last year I’ve been collecting the post-its I use daily to keep track of technical data for the knitting machine. In 2018 I stayed with in an LA airbnb with a woman from London and she had a daily inspirational post-its wall. It varied from bible quotes to statements such as “men want you”. I always regretted not photographing it. I think I’ll make a zine with mine." There are four drawings of post-its with handwritten text on them, surrounding a drawing of a pile of post-its. "Post-its" is superimposed over the drawings in yellow.