Chloe Miller

A black and white photo of a blood stain on a bed sheet. The stain looks like a vulva; a dark centre, with two sets of lighter, wavy edges.


A small sublimation print on neoprene in an A6 sized cellophane packet. The print is made up of abstract hill-like shapes in pink, aqua, and bright red. There is a worn £1.20 price sticker on the packet.


A close up photograph of olive tree foliage lit with sunlight. In focus, a shoot in flower has begun to produce fruit; a small green olive sits where a flower once sat. The olive is the size of a pin head.

I didn’t make this

A photograph of the artists living room. Plants sit in the foreground and in the background the green floral sofa is lit by a warm yellow pendant light. On the white wall behind, the shadow of the olive tree is cast. The shadow makes the leaves seem gigantic and they fill the space.

A Big Deal

A photograph of orange, red, and pink bulbous objects contained in clear liquid. The objects are translucent and bubbles collect around them. The photo is zoomed in so that the objects aren’t easily identifiable.


Text over yesterday’s piece. The work shows various card inserts from packaging and in some shapes I have written my intentions. “I would create worlds on these objects: Habitats I want to live in, and the multiple universes that exist in my body. It’s tricky; I have so much to do in the world I’m currently in.”


A collection of 7 card inserts from various packaging: 2 simple rectangles, 2 angular shapes, 1 large wave, a hand, and a foot. The pieces are a mixture of grey, white, and brown card. They are arranged in an even spaced grid on grey board.


A photograph of shelves in a newsagents holding various packets of crisps. Sat on one of the shelves is a glass cup of tea, left by the drinker.

Stray Tea

A photograph of a cropped hand holding a small glass vase. Inside sits a cutting of a fiddle leaf fig tree. The tree has grown roots and they are reaching out inside the bottom of the vase, exploring their environment.

Taking Root

A piece of neoprene cut into an irregular shape sitting on a translucent yellow plastic background. The neoprene is painted with growth-like shapes of red, green, and blue. The shapes are accompanied by grey cellular squares each dotted with a yellow circle.

Micro biome

Round Red, Orange, Green, and yellow marking stickers arranged in an abstract landscape scene on grey board.

They’re everywhere 2

An arrangement of small instructions from packaging on orange and yellow backgrounds.

Tell me

A photograph of the top of a spider plant in front of a window covered in rain droplets. The sun is low in the sky and trees can be seen in the distance. The photograph is flipped clock-wise 90 degrees.


A grey background with an arrangement of red, green, orange, white, and black stickers. The stickers circular and rectangular and are arranged in a blocky sort of landscape, overlapping and creating grids.

They’re everywhere now

A white tape measure with red numbering is rolled tightly and secured with dark green plastic ribbon. The ribbon is looped thought the middle of the roll and is tied on the outermost layer.


A close up of blurred green grass. In focus, under the foliage, a bee is busily burrowing her new home. Only her shiny bee butt is showing and she is very well hidden.

Andrena Mining Bee

A block of orange modelling clay impaled with a row of pink and yellow stick beads. A second block is adjacent and is painted yellow. It has a row of clear sequins housing fake green moss.


A photograph of a grey shadow cast by a glass of water onto a white table top. The shadow shows the bubbles and flecks of light housed by the water. Many textures and tones of grey are present. The glass of water itself is not visible and the curved shadow almost looks like an ultrasound scan at first glance.


A spreadsheet piece using Microsoft Excel. Instead of numbers and data, the cells are filled with blocks and strips of colour. The 'insert shapes' feature has been used to add small, repetitive patterns. The palette consists of warm yellows and reds with strips of sea green.