Matthew Rimmer

A clear lead vinyl bag containing water and an abstract sculpture resembling a tree with 5 brown branches, 2 bright green trunks and navy blue roots/base. Photographed on a white wall.

Tree in bag

A sealed clear vinyl bag containing an abstract plastic sculpture of yellow and pink that resembles a flower. It sits on a bed of red, beige and blue gravel and the bag is filled with water.


A colour pencil drawing on lined notebook. A transparent sack containing a long oval shaped abstract organism with 11 tendrils of light green and pink, sitting in a bed of grey gravel

Plan sketch

An arrangement of broken paving slab parts situated around a square hole within a concrete paving grid. All the hole contains is a red ball.

Paving slab pond part 1 with Stas

A small sculpture of an abstract object that resembles flowers and corals. It has a light blue stem and a blue, green and orange flower, and is connected to a light grey base with dark blue spikes

Polyp wip

A digital painting of an abstracted flower that has orange pollen with blue/green petals and a blue stem

Flower coral

A drawing of a square tank filled with turquoise water containing a frilly fountain that emerges out of the water, spraying water that cascades down it's layers.  Pen and felt tip on lined paper, framed in 2 sheets of glass held together with black silicone, that makes a splodgy line above and below the drawing.


A drawing on graph paper of 2 cuboid structures that mirror each other symmetrically. The drawing is a diagram for a sculpture plan, the left cuboid showing the front side, that holds 4 colourful embedded sculptures, the right showing the back which has 3 black and white drawings on it of waterfalls.

Plan for an application

A shiny sealed clear vinyl bag containing water and a purple and orange tree with 5 spiral branches. It sits on a bed of beige, red, pink and blue gravel and is supported by 2 nails on a white wall.

Spiral Tree

A sealed shiny vinyl bag containing an abstract shape of muddied pink and green that is long with 12 tendrils. The forms stands on a bed of blue, pink and grey gravel. The bag is filled with water.

Bag by Window

Digital abstract painting in portrait format. A green shape in the top right appears to pour liquid that falls to the bottom and fades from red to orange, peach then white. Grey background


Drawing of 3 seals sitting on one larger seal, a wave encroaches them from behind. Landscape format on blue graph paper with dark blue pen and areas of white pen.

Big Wave

2 pages of a notebook with drawings of sea snakes and waterfalls.


A drawing in black and white, framed in glass. An abstract black form with white water pouring over it.


Painting of 2 seals sitting on a rock on a beach, looking out to sea.


A drawing of a Seal underwater surrounded by fish. Above them is a full moon casting its reflection in the concentric ripples of the water. The drawing is monochrome blue.

Calm Seal