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a white person is holding a very small olive green music speaker in their hand. it is playing a soft pop song. they are sitting in the park and there is someone sat next to them, whose face you can’t see

an olive

A photo of a big green hedge with a smiley face. The hedge has been shaped into a roundish head shape, two holes with black plastic plant pots in them make the eyes and a big, wide, slightly creepy smile has been shaved in. There is a stack of three hedges behind it that get smaller as they go up (like a wedding cake) and they kind of look like a tale. The sky is blue but cloudy and there is a black car parked in the right hand side of the image.


A gel pen drawing on white A4 lined paper. At the centre of the image is a very squint pink square with a black outline. Within that square there is black text in capital letters that reads 'EVERYTHING FOR EVERYONE.' Each word is on a different line. Around the square are little pink love hearts, each surrounded by love heart shaped pink lines that extend outwards and meet each other.

everything for everyone <3

A flash photograph of a plastic keyring with silver fastenings on a white duvet. The keyring reads the words BOUNDLESS DEDICATION. They are written in bold, black capital letters in the artist's handwriting. Behind the text is coloured in with bright pink scribbly gel pen.


A photo of an arrow cursor hovering over a jpeg file. The desktop background is pale pink. The title of the file is 'things that do not yet seem possible.jpeg' and it is highlighted in light blue. The image isn't very clear, and the cursor obscures the bottom left corner, but it shows wiggly pink and dark green lines, inside a border of dark blue and lighter green.

things that do not yet seem possible

Black text on white background. The font is a combination of Ariel size 9 and size 11. The word bodymind is capitalised and highlighted in a dusty pink, and the phrase 'the division of something into two branches or parts' is written in the same dusty pink.


Two white people are sat on the beach and are interlocking  their big toes with each other. One of them has red nail polish on, and their is a drink and a rucksack in the background.

tools for friendship

A grid on pink lined paper, drawn using a bright pink gel pen. Each section of the grid has a love heart in it, and there are lines extending outwards in the shape of the heart from the centre to the edge of the grid. There are around 72 squares in the grid.

with love

A white person holds their hand out over a bed of green moss and dark purple flowers. They are wearing two silver rings, a slim one on their index finger and a thicker one on their middle finger. Their nails are painted purple and neon green on altering fingers.

nail artist