jennifer ng

Bio: ​Jennifer’s practice traverses multiple disciplines focusing on embodied experience and association with objects and their narrative potentiality.


Instagram: @@jenniferngart

A sequence of images randomly placed. Each showing half an overly ripened banana on a chopping board, positioned close to and in varied proximity to a kitchen knife.

Documentation Continual Disorientation

Three separated images combined into one single image. On left is a Chinese ink painting of a topped heavy tall cake with many cherries at its apex, at the verge of falling over. On the top left, a thick slice of bread freshly cut from its loaf, covered with peanut butter and jam. On the bottom left, a full loaf of bread still in the metal tin it was baked in, and beside it a white round plate filled with thin and narrow strips of crispbread shaped in arcs, and artfully sequenced and placed in a circular manner.

Between an anxious buttermilk bread and imperfect crispbread arcs, a noisy cake topped with cherries

A ginormous cream puff topped with a cherry, rendered in the style of Chinese ink painting.

It takes a while to get there, but you will eventually

Schnom schnom hmmmm...

Ink work, black ink on white paper painted in the style of Chinese ink painting. Image shows half an onion horizontally mirrored and joined at the centre along a vertical axis.

So you are not interested in layers

Cinnamon buns painted in black and white juxtaposing with a photographic image of a baked cinnamon bun placed on top left . Only other bun appears in its entirety while the rest are cropped at the edges. Bun on top left corner has its top cut off , two smaller ones on the left bottom showed only their tops. On the extreme right edge lies two other buns with only their left side in view, and the one at the bottom is cut at its base.  Ink mark on the right corner indicates another bun, with no visible details.

Make your buns, paint your buns, eat your buns

Black and white sketch of a woman emerging from pitch darkness in the style of chiaroscuro, looking into another space  or portal shaped like a huge lantern. Her faint reflection can been seen on the lantern-like structure, with her palms facing outwards and towards the object. The  surface of the lantern  appears to be covered by a mesh formed by vertical and horizontal linework. Within the lantern holds the spectral silhouette of a woman, but only her hands, decorative sleeves and collars are visible. Her palms faces upwards and she appears to be gesticulating.

Mirror Room

An open image with a vignette. Fraying streaks of dark blue concentrated on the left side of image forming a gentle open-ended wave towards to right edge of the image, reaching a crescendo at midpoint before falling gracefully towards the end. Chinese text in the form of Chinese calligraphy, touching some of the blue fraying streaks are inscribed on the left edge of the image, but they are cut off at the edge, leaving only the right side 
 of the text visible. The rest of the surface is unpainted.

He took it literally

A spent lint roller with a white handle propped vertically against a window facing a terracotta brick wall. Black bold texts written on the empty brown cardboard tube says "Total".


A series of pictures featuring the windscreen of a car covered with a thin layer of snow, where parts of the snow were incrementally removed to reveal the glass of the windscreen, forming varied patterns over the entire surface of the screen.

Occupying Hills and Valleys

Black ink marks on white rice paper accompanied by dried and drying plants placed at right bottom corner of image.

Distraction As Research

Black ink marks of varied sizes on three edges of the painting, spilling over the edges .


Spontaneous ink on rice paper painting. Black vertical ink markings on left and right sides towards the extreme peripheries. This forms two distinct black panels stretching from top to bottom and flanking the medium portion of the painting which was left unpainted.


Semi-abstract landscape, ink on rice paper

A face I never knew existed