Dana Morrison

Bio: Artist in San Francisco, California.

Website: http://www.danamorrison.com/

Instagram: @dana.r.morrison

Photograph of sand colored grasses by a stream in the background. Early morning light is cast sideways across the ground.


Photograph of a rolling hillside. Puffy clouds in the distance against a blue sky.


A photograph of an overcast sky, slim line of land and calm water.


Photograph of a pine forest covered in snow. The sky is white and the trees appear black in contrast to the snow and sky.


Photograph of a desert landscape stretching into the distance. The ground is covered in brush, mountains are in the distance.


Photograph of a burned tree. Blue sky and clouds in the distance, sand and small brush in the foreground.

Portrait of a Tree II

A photograph looking up to a brilliant blue sky. Stark white branches of a long dead tree jut into the image from the right side.

Portrait of a Tree

Photograph of a recent forest fire. Trees are still standing as before but are leafless and black. There is no underbrush and the ground is sand colored. The sky is blue with large white clouds.

Untitled (burned forest)

A photograph of a large sand colored stone in stark sunlight surrounded by hay colored grasses. Dark shadow at the left of the stone.

Portrait of a stone

Photograph of train tracks extended so far into the distance they converge then disappear. Top of image is a blue sky with large white clouds; brush and desert are at the foreground.


Photograph of miles of flat fields. Clouds in the sky are reflected in a stream in the foreground.


Photograph of a single dead tree in the center. Ground is stark white, sky is stark blue.


Photograph of a desert hill with a dead tree and blue sky


Photograph of a faraway horizon with tan ground and stark blue sky.


Photograph of a flat horizon and hazy sky.


Artist standing under red metal gate, holding up gate with head so the gate is level.


Small harbor at dawn with boats reflected in the still water. The background is grey and misty. The image is very muted in color.