Samuel Starkie

Bio: Artist studying at LJMU. Normally create abstract paintings however for the 30/30 project I've decided to try out some new ideas. Give my insta a check out!

Instagram: @starki_art

Text reading 'do you think they built the pyramids?' UFO with green beam hovering over a pyramid to the right.

Alien Pyramids

Multicoloured square with black happy face within and black outline around square. 'Happy vibes' written along the top of the square, and 'Happy vibes along the bottom.

Happy Days

Abstract piece with bright colours and sharp patterning.

A New Day Everyday

Abstract piece, Full of colour and different shapes and marks. Parts with writing mixed in the background with colour.

Doomed World of Colour

Black text reading "£9250 for what? Students deserve a refund." Below there is an illustration of a graduation cap.

Refund Students

Text reading "Our women are scared to walk the streets alone. What will we do?" black and red footprints running up the work.

Our Women are Scared