Ana Ortega

Photomontage of a dolls house where I am sewing with my machine upstairs and my two daughters are watching tv downstairs.
The house is decorated with some of my works.

Home sweet home

Me with a black sleeveless top to which I have attached “two hairy nipples” I have made with strips of red and orange fabric.

Hairy nipples, because you’re worth it!

Get fabric + improvisation = Artwork

Recipe for success

Photo montage of my daughter playing Hoopla on the image of a drawn male statue. The background is the moon surface and the photo has a vintage look to it

Hoopla 2

Photo montage where my daughter is playing “hoops on the stick” where the stick is a photo of an artwork a friend has created.

Monday afternoon

Close up of a piece I am wearing as a necklace. The work has been made by joining strings of jersey fabric in orange, pink and red by knots.
The piece resembles a coral reef.


A photo digital collage of a fools house. I am at the second floor sewing on my sewing machine while my kids are watching tv downstairs.

A home at home

Me wearing a textile piece,that resembles fake grass ,covering the genital area.

Bush by the inch

Bra made out of a patchwork piece in dark grey colour that has been previously body printed using my nipples

Boob on boob

Wearable sculpture: reversed patchwork piece made with dark grey fabric which has been hand printed on white and black paint.
Wearing the piece as a collar/shield, over my thorax


Mini patchwork on white fabric hand printed on neon green and orange.
The fabric sections are tiny.


Patchwork piece smaller than A4 size. Hand printed white fabric on 2 tones of blue using the dorsal aspect of my fingers.


Mini patchwork piece. Hand printed white fabric with blue ink using my lips as the printing pattern.
The back of the fabric is also printed so a little shade in random places can be appreciated.


White fabric hand printed in two tones of blue using the dorsal aspect of my left fingers as the pattern. 
Interesting wrinkles and creases of the skin can be appreciated.

No title

Patchwork piece made with yesterday’s piece which is a hand printed piece of white fabric in neon green and orange colours, using my nipples as the printing template.

Milkshake II

The photo is a closed up image of a piece that measures 45x35 cms.
Using my nipples as a pattern, it has been printed repetitively in neon orange and green paint on a white linen fabric.