Lucy Harwood

Instagram: @lucy_h_art

A pink textured background with a black bug on it on the right hand side. Layered on top is a photo of a cloudy sky with the words “don’t stress about it”. In the foreground is a cut-out image of my hand, picking off my nail varnish.


A cloudy sunset sky background, with pink swirly text on it saying "Don't stress about it"

Don't stress about it

A photo of a black bug on a pink textured background


A photograph of my ear with a to-do list attached with a pin like an earring

To do list

A photograph of the bathroom where you can see part of the toilet on the left and part of the tiled wall on the right.  Hanging from the loo roll holder is an unravelling roll of ribbon that has the word “sorry” on it repeatedly in red.

Sorry it’s a bit crap

A zoomed in photograph of the washing machine. It’s taken with slow shutter speed so you can see the washing swirling around - it’s mainly greeny blue and pink.

Washing machine trance

A pile of washing wrapped in fragile packaging tape.



A drawing on white paper of a torso with arms folded across their shoulders. The drawing outline is done in black biro with some bad shading in green pen. Text goes across the lines of the body, written in pink and green, saying: “what even is a body? Idek tbh”

Idek tbh

A drawing on white paper of a torso with arms folded across their shoulders. It is a simple line drawing done in pink sharpie and then in green overlapping each other.

Life drawing through insta

A photograph of two sketchbooks, an iPhone and a card holder in a pile. Each item has a circular black sticker on with text saying “sorry for saying sorry”, “worrying about worrying”, “sorry give me a sec” and “anxious that ur being annoying coz ur anxious”


A biro drawing of my bedroom from a birds eye view. There are some annotations around the drawing which is in a square in the centre of the page. You can see my messy bed, lots of cups, overflowing washing basket and bin, a guitar I never use, box of useless art stuff, wardrobe, chair with more washing on, and ivy coming through the window frame.

Bedroom map

A photograph of my artwork as a sticker on a bus stop. The artwork looks like a receipt and is called ‘a receipt for your weekly apologies’. The sticker is black and white but has turned slightly pink and green from the rain. In the foreground (on the left side of the photo) you can see the sticker on a silver bus stop, and blurred in the background (on the right side) you can see the street with some shops and a traffic light.

Public access

A black background with three circles going across it horizontally in the centre. The circles are made of pink text that says "ur anxious that ur being annoying coz ur" - the sentence can be read differently depending on which word you start with. Each of the circles is rotated so that the sentence is read slightly differently.

Feedback Loop

A photograph of a window with those blinds that have slats going across.
Scraps of material are hanging from the slats - a blue patterned scarf, a silver ribbon, purple lace and creamy pink lace. You can see some trees and the park in the background.

Hung up

A screenshot of my camera roll. There are 12 photo tiles. Some show my peeled- off, red, sparkly nail varnish scattered on a white background. Others show the peeled-off nail varnish in the palm of my hand. The final photo shows me picking off the nail varnish.

Peeling off

A photograph of white bathroom tiles with strands of hair making swirly patterns on them. The grout between the tiles makes a cross in the centre of the picture. You can faintly see the shadow of me taking the photo in the reflection of the tiles.

hair wash day

iphone screenshots on a white background. The first screenshot shows me searching for the word "sorry" in my text messages, and then there are various screenshots of text conversations with the word "sorry" in them.

and sorry for saying sorry again

A black background with bright pink text going across the page diagonally from the top left corner. The text says "Everyday interactions, scripted, performed politeness, discomfort, overloaded, externalizing emotions, exposing internal thoughts,  transparency, self criticism, failure to perform, mask slipping, buffering, glitching, dysfunctional, unstable connection, fragility". The words are connected by turquoise lines.

connecting the dots

photograph of a messy kitchen counter with 2 glasses of pink raspberry cocktails. Various bottles, jugs, kitchen utensils and ingredients scattered around them.

messy cocktail making

A screenshot of an online article from Healthline, titled 'Anxiety Slayer's Favourite Anxiety Products'. There are some photographs underneath the title showing different products with colourful backgrounds. On the right hand side is a pop-up advert with a black background. The advert is for 'Lucy's Solutions' and has a perfume bottle on it with the scent 'the confidence to order your own coffee'. There is a countdown on the advert and a buffering symbol that says 'sorry give me a sec'.

Pop-up Ad