gabrielle lockwood estrin

Instagram: @gabriellelockwoodestrin

A photo of a messy desk containing notebooks magazines books, scissors and plugs

Paying attention and taking note

Photos of a bubble wrapped painting, you can see a bit of a faded purple image through the wrapping

Wrapped painting with tape

Photo of a red box containing colour blocks of paints and a open tin of coloured crayons next to the red box


Photo of scrunched up yellow to do list, in the background body lying on bed

To do list

long thin photograph of two match boxes open with shapes inside on colourful paper background

storage solutions

sideways photo of a sketchbook page open with 2 drawings layer on stripy fabric and the side of a cushion

laundry, washing, bath time

photo of 4 characters made out of recycled materials and drawn shapes around a cork and card table

characters at my table

photo of several sheets of coloured paper layer out on a table

coloured paper description

photo looking down onto a messy desk with lots of papers and a cut out figure drawing laid on top drawn in pence and oil pastel

figure on desk

photo looking down at two cut out drawings of hands on a piece of furniture and bellow on the floor drawings of heads, bodies, legs


small cut out shapes on paper layer on top of oil paint brush stokes and colours on board laid on a blue/green carpet

shapes on paint

photo of a lined notebook with two pencil drawings on it and several pieced of paper in different shapes, a small rubber and a pencil and mechanical rubber.

notebook at home

photo of a rectangular drawing of shapes in pencil placed on top of a green gridded cutting board

shape drawing

image taken from above looking down on a table top, two small prints cut out and layed on top of one another, black and white shapes, a glue pot and small container and the corner of legs in checked pyjamas.

desk corner thursday

photo of a window, outside there is a road and church spire. there are some shapes stuck on the window blocking out some of the view.

window shapes

photo of a pencil drawing of a person on top of a horse with a sward looking strait ahead, image cropped from head to mid legs of person.


photo of 2 colourful shape drawings in a book with writing and scratching out underneath them. the touch pad of laptop above the book on a table

book and thoughts on table

picture of a notebook with writing and small drawing an a glass of red wine and a to do list on a table

on a table

a long red grape pierced with a half circular needle on a wooden surface

grape needle

photo of a sketchbook page with a drawing of different overlapping shapes in pencil, and paint

sketchbook page

Different pieces of shaped coloured paper inside a vessel, the shapes are distorted. Main colours are yellow, pink, purple, red, white and some blue and gold. The background is white.

shapes held in vessel