Cassandra Constant


Instagram: @cassandra_constant

I am working on a logo. This is a detail and I need to make sure there is only black and white lines. No greys. And a smooth line.

Look for Best

The image is of a detail of one of my football drawings done from listening to them on the radio. People often comment I should add colour, so I have done the arrows heading into the goal, in red. There were five goals for one of the teams!

They Keep Telling Me to Add Colour!

I took a drawing I was trying to finish, scanned it, manipulated it so that when I printed it on good paper I could paint on top. I am not very good at copying so in the end it turns out as a completely different drawing! I feel there is an element of cheating in this? It's a detail of my bottles, in bright colours.

I Had a Go

I am always behind on writing up my drawings of football matches. I tried something new this week... I had "A Prompt", a note with the names of footballers of the "other" team. The image is of the note attached in my ledger of matches drawn.

A Prompt

The image is of an inverted question mark followed by a question mark, in grey on sparkling silver paper.
In Spain you place an inverted question mark at the beginning of a question.

Not Sure What That Means

A pencil drawing of a young spider plant in a recycled plastic container.

Half-an-Hour Break

Detail of a drawing of a football match from listening to it on the radio, in Spain. Pencil on paper.

Are We Always Running for Something?

A description of what I would have painted today. Bees on a flight path, rain falls vertically, a football pitch with grass, an blue open sky, sounds, a football. To share.

It's Over to You

A series of digitally painted vertical and horizontal lines in fuchsia and white painted over yesterday's photograph. Green digital strokes for the leaves peeping through.

Gaps in the Fence

The image is of a fence/screen I am working on with my neighbour. It's made of woven strips of white plastic "fabric" joined together with knots.

Tying Knots with my Neighbour

Bottles, I see them as people, talk to each other. There are "spots" of paint which got there from flying paint in the studio.

Talking Studio Spots

This is a detail of a drawing done from listening to a football match on the radio. Today, Saturday, was the "Clasico, between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Saturday Night, at Home, Madrid

A drawing using pencils and watercolour of shapes of bottles, which I see as people, fragile and vulnerable. They are in conversation. There is a palm tree on the left, and because of that I have called the piece "Holding a Conversation at Palm Beach". I put it up on Instagram, and titled it "I would have done it just the same".

I would have done just the same

The image shows three rows of bottles in watercolor, pencil and other media, in blues, greens, turquoises and sand colored ochers and yellows. Loosely painted with some line definition.  I see bottles as people, containers of liquids and fluids, vulnerable and fragile, and they are related and relative and in relationship.

I asked, and my neighbor replied, "Paint to the edges"

The image is of flowers sketched onto acetate and stuck to a window.
It has the light coming through.

I Would Say Serendipity

The image is of five cut-out shapes of bottles, a collage using positive and negative shapes, connected with pencil and watercolor shapes. I have been painting and drawing for many years, bottles are like people, full of liquids, vulnerable and fragile, and they are related. This is about relationships and open for the viewer to interpret.

I Paint & Draw Bottles, What Does That Mean?

I gave my self a couple of hours to do something I wanted to try, that is to interpret a screenshot of a wild garden. It didn´t turn out well so I wrote on a paper "I Gave it a Go", then placed the image of a green, pink and gold mess in very small so you can hardly see it. Underneanth I wrote "What a Disaster", first in some illegible typeface and translated underneath.

I Gave it a Go

A play of letters "reee" meaning repetition, followed by a screenshot of the magnifying glass symbol used in the Google "search box".
Forever researching!


A kebab stick and sellotape is what I use as a tool to weave cords, fabrics, rope through the holes of a fisherman's net. The long stick helps to go through many holes/spaces in one go, and the sellotape allows it to glide through easily! I do also use fishermens' needles and plastic needles!
I can the easily weave in and out of the net, and create a "fabric".

Simple things...

I read the brief early this morning, and without a doubt what brings me joy is my terrace in the center of Madrid and its fantastic views of the city. I enjoy and often work on my terrace. I have an awning-installation made of recycled strips of fabric tied to a fisherman´s net. It is very colorful and gives great shade, and shapes in the shadows it casts.
This morning, when I looked through the window, it had rained during the night, and what I love is how the colors of the fabrics and bright and saturated. It always lifts my heart and makes me smile.

Good morning!

To depict Spring, the arrival of Spring, burst of colour, stalks grow up, branches grow out. Bees buzz from flower to flower. The smell of Spring. Colour of Spring: yellows, oranges, greens.

To Be a Blooming Bee