Eva Kraljič

Website: https://www.evakraljic.com

Instagram: @epilopus

A digital collage of superimposed images of various jellyfish and a mans head switched on electrodes.

Open-Source (synonym: origin, spring, fertilisation): Disembodied Collaborative Practice

A raft

Existing Currents pt.1

A drawn line blowing away. A section enlarged: reveals a cut in its surface. A straight line draw across the rift in denial.

A rift

A stone amulet. Carved in it: A female like figure with exaggerated hands holds two twigs.


A small bottle of liquid crystal.

Kin Matter

A low-contrast pixelated image in the center of a white page, below it a text in black that reads out a short narrative about a being who looses vision due to microgravity in mechanical landscape. In the lower right corner another mircoscopic image of the eye slightly leans in.

Kowa Fundus76