Eva Zoe Schmitt

Bio: “Leaving a space for the unforeseen” (Maud Mannoni) I adopted long ago as motto concerning life and art matters. As a full time artist with a background in psychology and public health my artwork concerns the interface between inside and outside world focusing relationships between individuals and habitats (nature/society). Topics are changing cities and villages as a habitat and urban or rural landscape. I draw a lot of site specific inspiration by traveling, I like to immerse myself in life in various places and appreciate the exchange. My artwork evokes emotions that have been drawn out of my experiences traveling.. With an often accurate and detail-loving observation, complemented by an analytical way of thinking I explore the "in-between" the wild growth in schedules, the parallel time corridors in transitions and parallel worlds that emerge entirely by themselves and try to capture the fugitive and fleeting in his tracks. Besides acrylic painting I prefer techniques that allow to play with variations like rubbing, serigraphs, various printing techniques including cyanotypia. Often starting from digital photos, I rearrange and assemble. My purpose is not to create large editions but rather to play with repetitions, layers, overlays exploring synergetic effects in combining techniques. Selected exhibition record 2021 Inselwelten, Kulturbundgalerie , Berlin-Treptow , Germany Künstlernotgeld, online und offline im KunstKulturQuartier Nürnberg (D) 2020 Isole, Xearte Padova (It) Linocut, contest exhibition, Typa Print & Paper Museum, Tartu, Eestonia Factory (solo), Lapuan Kaupungiin Kirijasto (Fi) 2019 Momente, Cafe Monelli, Berlin (solo) Locations, SeeMeOn, Sofia Annual Residents Exhibition, Haihatus (Fi) Soda, Venice Glass Week Blau, Galerie der Sozialkasse des Baugewerbes, Berlin Luftraum- unser Himmel, Cyanotypes & Prints, Schnellkunsttage Fürstenwalde ((solo show) 2018 Warten & Wandeln, 360° Kulturzentrum Berlin Open studio day, Sofia 2017 Visual Flaneurs, World of Co, Sofia Venedig Impressionen, Hebammenpraxis Weißensee, Berlin 2016 – menschen.bilder, Kleisthaus (Bundesministerium für Arbeit und Soaziales); Berlin 2016 Von Angesicht zu Angesicht, Berolina Haus Mitte, Berlin 2014 Blaue Stunde Gallerie Art Cru, Berlin Residencies 2017 Sofia, World of Co 2018 Sofia, WoC 2018 Murano cantiere Corpo Luogo 2019 Joutsa (Fi) Haihatus 2019 Skopje (Mk) Brashnar Creative 2019 Tsarimir (Bg) Imago 2020 Lapua (Fi) Vanha Pauka outstanding 2020 Tartu (EE) Typa Print & Paper Museum (postponed due to Corona lock down) 2020 Kristinestad (FI) Cancelled due to Corona, Education 1992 Diploma in Psychology, FU Berlin Thesis: “Art and visual expression in psychiatry. Understanding, importance and role in the transformation of psychiatry ” 1999 MpH Public Health, TU Berlin 1990-2000 Jewelry Design (evening class), Olaf Haake 2002/03 Art Therapy Project A. Hertel (Artist), Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie Wiesengrund, Berlin 2002/03 Art Therapy, Berlin-Brandenburger Dependance der Kölner Schule and Kunsttherapie Berlin Kolleg 2003/04 Art Therapy Psychiatrie und Psycho­somatik des Kindes- und Jugendalters (Prof. Lehmkuhl) 2004 Art Therapy, Kinder- und Jugendpsychiatrie St. Joseph, Berlin 2003-05 Prater PleinAir, Kunsthaus, Michael Hegewald 2007 Therapy of Learning 2008-10 Bibliodrama 2013-15 Intercutural Mediation and Coaching 2015 Systemic Child Psychotherapy Self-study and numerous courses at the Art house and at Volkshochschulen, in classes of Andreas Kramer, Bernd Chill, Michael Hegewald, Irene Herre, Friedrich-Daniel Schlemme, Kerstin Gerber, Olaf Haacke. Peter Reddersen Since a crisis in 2014 again intensified occupation with painting, regular work in open studios, workshops and during painting journeys and residencies, professional artist since about 2016.

Website: https://arteva2013.wordpress.com/

Instagram: @arteva_2013

For images showing the same object a pop up paper sculpture , cut out of a blue and white cynotypia print , semi representational, the paper object is reminiscent of a house on the coast, a d
top left a drawing sketch blue ink on white paper explains or documents  the details of folding and cutting

Different perspectives: Village by the sea

Don't make anything today. Just send a description of what you would make.

Blue green grey-ish ink drawing same as yesterday, but changed. This time the hand is holding a reusable coffee mug and is heading to a lavabo  instead of a waste paper basket . The cup reminds in form and color the recup mug a returnable coffee mug common in Berlins coffee shops

RE Side effects or if only the concept of enjoyment remains

Ink drawing in blue, grey brown natural transparent colors showing a hand with a to go paper coffee mug with a crumbled bag heading to a bright orange Berlin style public waste paper basket.  On top left their are verses from a poem by Thomas Transtörm  in German translation, which are an ode to coffee enjoyment on a nice terrace. Down right you see the results of todays instagram poll  by a Berlin city magazine. "Does the many to go garbage annoys you? 87% Yes

Side effects or if only the concept of enjoyment remains

visual story in 7 pictures, some photos some drawings about a construction out of wood blocks placed in a trunk turning in a sun terrace and a cosy castle bed

A new construction in my yard this morning ...

Woodcut background predominantly orange, smaller blue and white areas.  In the center a white circular area, divided through a black line in 2 unequal parts. The black line is part of a huge male face right hand watching a in comparison much smaller female silhouette that touches the edge of the circle on the left.Black horizontal lines or stripes  build different areas that could be a street surface or as well a window  blind. on the right outskirt there is a black area it's shape might remind a car silhouette

Survey: Blanc bubble-how would you fill it? Some of the suggestions (yours &mine) on insta

Colored transparent glass object , slices in different sizes an shapes, some incompete, in vivid colors mirrored and repeating in  backyard window reflecting facades of beginning 20th century blocks facing a yard and a grey sky

Keep distance- don't touch

Ink drawing on cyanotypia shows an abstract urban scape, semi transparent shapes like reflected in a window glass.Colors are mainly bluish, pinkish with some withe, red and black pen strokes. In the foreground you could surmise parts of a bicycle, in the center are two large bubbles and in the background you could suspect a skyline.
Foreground left side is a part of a print in written letters. The writing says “FABRICA DE TORTAS”

Sorry I finished your tortas de sevilla (cookies)

Stone print, mainly black and white, semi surrealistic dream scenery, front 2 cello cases, the left one white with a girl with with earphone sitting inside , relaxed pose. the right black cello case contains a speaker & a record player. The wire of the earphones is plugged in a socket between the 2 cello cases. Background showing a winter park silhouette mirrored in a shop window,  a small road with trees, a women in winter coat, leaning to a bare tree & a female street musician playing cello. A magenta colored curve crosses the image horizontal, some magenta spots, where music exits or enters

Locked in - world apart, lithography, stone cracked

simple white plate filled with colored eggs decorated with wax ornaments

What I used the tools for......Happy Easter!

Ink drawing in sepia and blue tones showing left hand a goose end explaining how to make tools out of a goose feather, pencil, needle , spoon, potato to decorate eggs with wax in sorabo style. Right hand  in a box  some of the resulting patterns are shown.

How to make tools for decorating eggs in traditional sorabo style

Painting ink on wood,mostly  in brown, blue black and white, natural grain of the wood slightly shimmering through.  Left hand a sprig with white Magnolia flowers in a  bucket in front of an old wooden door. The small glass window of the door  reflects a light blue sky and grey houses. Right hand a white bottle with disinfectant  and some papers stand on a black side table, on what look likes  a menu there is the letters AHA (German abbreviation for sanitary protocol). In the background an old door handle.

Kleine Freuden /Small Joys

square format woodcut printed on a used  T-shirt (up-cycling). The question " Do you do the weeding with me?", letters in Anthropos type style over a green jungle like amount of undefined plants. Two smaller plants are printed in red as well as the "you". At the bottom brown structure remembering  harrows of soil.

Do you do the weeding with me?- Woodcut printed on a used T-shirt (upcycling)