Vanessa Lam

Instagram: @vasa.lam

chinese calligraphy practice

Four years ago my father told me he thinks i should practice calligraphy

Photograph of a wall with harsh sunlight

Permanent view of the rough wall

Set of 5 ink line drawings of piled up laundry

piling up folded laundry on the desk

photograph of a blooming flower in a deserted ground

blooming in solitude

Collage of images: night lamp, 24h timer plug, woman next to bright lamp receiving light therapy, 3 cardboards of women sat on the chair of a restaurant, 2 screenshots from movie Home Alone cardboard size figure of a person and mannequin rotating on record player.


2 digital drawings of groups of 3 yellow and pink earplugs clipped tightly together


3 graphite sketches of a male silhouette holding a microphone

You holding a microphone in the auditorium telling us how proud you are of your son

A pencil sketch of a woman looking frontwards getting her eyes checked

Eye check