Yvonne Baines

Website: https://www.yvonnebainesartist.co.uk/

Instagram: @yvonnebaines

Photograph of a door lodged in place in a fence. Some text work with the image. Text on the middle of the image reads 'Trying to figure out where this door goes to or where it belongs home.' Text on the left reads 'It has a number on it so it was meant to be somewhere.' Text on the right reads 'Barely a door now though its falling apart and doesn't lead anywhere.'

Thoughts on a door

Photograph of a small plant growing up through a crack in the tarmac. Text on the image reads words of encouragement for the plant and for the viewer 'Keep going', which gradually increases in intensity. The last four 'Keep going' are in yellow and the final 'Keep going' is in capital letters and larger font.

Keep going

Text written on the floor in black pen. 'Bought a dodgy cheapo heater from TJ Hughes that broke in about a week 
. Fucks sake.'


Photograph of a paper cup with a note scrawled on the side which reads 'when home is just a collection of shit we've gathered over the years.'

Thoughts for a future work on the side of a cup.

Image of a white tablet of plaster with drawings craved into the surface inlaid with black ink. The images circle around the edges which include a spider over a drain, bottle of multivitamins, a phone with the headspace app, food, a slug, a hand with 'call mum' written on the side, a plug, with text reading 'be greatful you have a job'.

Thinking through drawings

Image of a screenshot note made on a phone. The background is black with white text. The text reads 'please look after my objects. They are mine, and I love them.'

Please find attached

Photograph of a ceramic piece shaped like a mop with a glazed black top and white body with blue dripped all around the base. The piece is sat against a white background.

Ceramic mop

Digital line drawing of a purple hair dryer lying on the floor next to a mirror propped up against the wall. Inside the mirror you can see part of the room with a lamp and the edge of a sofa.

Inside view of home

Photograph of plaster spread on a table in a shape of two spirals turning away from each other in a pattern made with fingers. An experimental piece working with chance and not a final outcome.


Photograph of of open front door with ceramic pieces piled up outside along the doorstep.


Photograph of unfired grey clay modelled to look like a pepperoni pizza on a white background. In the middle of the clay pizza reads 'Fuck it lets order a takeaway'.

The best guilty pleasure from lockdown

Photograph of a small round shelter made with chicken wire covered in leaves, mud and twigs in front of a red bricked wall. Small objects are placed in front of it. A pink lighter, a green bar of soap, black plug, brass doorknob, golden rapped biscuit, small piece of terracotta, a shell, small stone, tin and old wires.

Alternative shelter/home

Image of a photograph aligned to the left on a white background with a digital black line drawing running along the bottom edge. Photograph is of a chair rapped up in dark green tarpaulin with rope and a brick laid on top, the chair if left out on the street. The digital black line drawing is of everyday objects strewn on a table, tape, letters, ibuprofen, scissors, tv remote and coins.

Research day

Cast of silvery tin metal on white background. Cast is of a model spider over a plug of a sink.


Photograph of a block of white plaster on white background. Plaster is a cast of a cracked piece of plaster with a piece of duck tape holding it together.


Photograph of unfired clay in centre of white background. The clay has a pressing of the inside frame of a door latch on to the surface. The text carved into the side of the clay reads 'WHY does this door never fucking close properly?'

Renting life