Henry Rowsell

Bio: Brighton based artist.

Instagram: @henryrowsell.co.uk

Found art of signage that says "SCAPE ENTRANCE" with an arrow pointing left.

Scape, entrance.

Text painting with the words Felled Way Side One Self.

Felld wayside own self

Edited photograph of local building site as a badly drawn great pyramid.

Great Hove Pyramid

Acrylic sketches on the idea of putting crosses in boxes.

Negativo lil buddy

A drawing of a painting, a drawing of a drawing of a painting.


Quick sketchy painting of a floating glass box on a purple background.

Tea brewing glass box mind drift

Abstract painting in greens and blacks.

Path less taken, path taken, path less taken taken

I would make a diary mural covering every surface of my flat as a constantly accumulating repeating and constantly overwriting and repeating record of the last 13 months repeating encrusting repeating effacing erasing repeating

I would make a diary mural...

Abstract painting referencing Frida Kahlo self portrait

Kahlo Kong Kollabo redux

Split screen of Frida Kahlo self portrait with cat and monkey, and self portrait with objects that are a little similar.

Kahlo, Kate, Kong Kollabo

An old painting made more commercial with a rough ten pound note image overpainted.

Crowned preowned

Miniature painted tower blocks on bathroom floor


Drawing of tape measure, gallery plans and typefaces for accessibility.

Made to measure

Pretty flowers painting.

Sexy flowers from memory

Painting on card of view from window.

The pilot-hole historical review

Text painting reads 'Sometimes it isn't easy'

Sometimes it isn't easy (gouache and household paint on card)


Happy landing (mixed media, card, on card)

Sketchbook pages of street scene from first floor window

Getting yeh recherche du temps perdu bearings

Pencil extender for drawing on ceiling.

Site-specific lockdown ceiling drawing (graphite, stained emulsion on woodchip)

Bowls of joy giving food

Hymn of sweet, salty, sour, bitter, umami

Light-switch cover, 30cm x 30cm.

Light-switch cover, after Giotto