Amy Rushent

A combination of potato peelings, carrot tops, pepper stalks, and red onion skin spell out the word home on a white chopping board.

Peelings and Leftovers

A black and white photo from the top level of a London double decker bus. The sunlights streams through the window from the left hand side, and the seats extend out in front. Curved shapes and shadows are striking in the picture.

Through my eyes

It stings but it’s true

The picture shows a dying daffodil flower in a small glass bottle with a window behind it - through which you can see some details of house and grass outside. The whole picture is on a slanted angle

Snow in Spring

On a piece of white card is drawn an abstract version of a tree stump in black sharpie. Psychodelic style

Tree Stump


An 4 piece of lined paper, full of notes made in black biro and annotations made with red, blue, green, purple, silver and gold gel pens. The notes are about the Polish LGBTQ+ protests in 2020.

Step 1


Amy sits on a sofa, they are dress in blue, intense drag make-up. They have a blue towel wrapped around their head, as if they’ve just come out of the shower, with two rubber ducks for earrings. They are wearing a white dressing gown with brown and pink polka dots. A laptop is open on their lap, and connected to their laptop is a hand held phone, which they have to their ear. They had a shocked expression as if hearing a juicy piece of gossip.


The hammer