Joseph Winsborrow

Bio: Artist, maker, writer, witch based in Nottingham, UK


Instagram: @josephwinsborrow



The image reads “FAERY OF SATURN GLORY BLESS THIS TIMELY HARVEST” in black text. The font is distorted and morphing around the image. The background is a swirled combination of blue, purple, and pink.

Faery of Saturn

Across the photo is a person dressed in a pearlescent, shimmery neck ruff. They are wearing a long sleeve white top with pearly bangles around the wrist. Their makeup is very pale white, with large, dark eyeshadow, with arched thin black eyebrows. Their cheeks have small pink circles. Their lips are pink. Their dark hair is pull back underneath a beige wig cap. They are leaning against the hand, in a nonchalant manner. In front of their face is a thin and curved violet glass vase. It is covering one eye, just showing small pearls that are placed either side of it.

Faery (Saturn) Collaboration with Vaso Adml

Illustration of a rose-like flower all in bright red. Down the stem there are 6 leaves. To the left and right, there are branches with many thorns. The background is a pale yellow

Growing from the Pain

A photo taken from a downward facing view, the photo takers legs can be seen emerged in sea water, white foam from waves lapping over his feet.


Image shows the stalks of green stems distorted and warped by a bag of water


Image shows the words “FUCKING QUEER” in all caps on a white background. The letters are distorted and morphed. They are coloured a red to pink ombré.


Photograph of a cream coloured wall. Light from an unseen window throws dappled light on the wall, creating blobs of golden light and shadows


Things I Shouldn’t Enjoy So Much

A purple dried and pressed flower sits on top of a sheet of kitchen paper, which is on top of a book, where some works can be seen to the left of the kitchen paper.

Still within the confines of a book

A view of a paved street. The photo is an overhead view, looking straight down at the ground. The paving stones are square but not in perfect organisation. In the middle a round paving stone interrupts the squares. The gap is slightly large on the left side of the circle, making it look like a dark crescent moon. At the bottom of the photo some pink trainers can be seen.

Searching for Moons (I)

A close up photograph of a persons torso. Being held by two hands in the middle of their torso, is a terracotta colour disc. Across it are strokes of colour. The person is wearing a denim blue shirt with a black turtle neck underneath, with a deep green cardigan over the top. The disc is nestled in the palms of the hands


On a wooden chopping board, sits a round bowl, pale cream in colour. Next to the bowl, a white plate with a pieces of buttered crusty bread.

Inside the bowl is a thick, earthy orange-brown soup. White cream is swirled on the top in a clockwise spiral, with small dots marking the outside, making it look like a compass.


A landscape abstract image, consisting of a bright pink background. A large circular outline sits in the middle, with lines and curves filling the middle, all in bright red paint. Marks from the print-making process give a red texture around the circle, like an etching or a rubbing.